Air Fryer Technology Explained – How Does it Work?

Cooking crispy food with low fat seemed like a laughable idea a decade ago, but today thanks to the invention of air fryers, this is now a reality. An air fryer cooks food faster than most traditional ovens. How is this even possible? Let us find out.

How Does The Device Work?

The most important thing you have to understand is that an air fryer does not fry the food. The food is placed on a basket with perforations, and it is cooked by the hot air that is blown around it. The force with which the air blows has the same effect that a convection oven has. Once an optimum temperature of 320 F is reached, foods such as French fries and frozen chicken will turn brown.

What Food Can An Air Fryer Cook?

The only drawback of an air fryer is that any food covered in batters such as fried chicken and onion rings cannot be cooked in this. You also cannot cook beignets or doughnuts in them, so as a user, you will be limited to dry items or breaded foods.

Is This Form Of Cooking A Healthy Option?

Now we know that most cooking oils that are available in the market are quite healthy for food to be cooked in but what is about these air fryers that make them such a preferred option? Since an air fryer cooks food at a temperature of 375 F, the food absorbs very little oil; thus, it is much healthier.

Many air fryer recipes will suggest that they can spray some oil on the food. However, you can skip that as the food cooked in it will come out very crispy even without any oil. You always have the option of adding some oil afterward.

The Advantages Of Cooking Food In An Air Fryer

  • Firstly cooking in this gadget is very economical as you will save a lot of money on fats and oil. Thanks to this device, you can still enjoy crisp food at a very low cost.
  • Deep frying using oil has its share of problems, but an air fryer eliminates all those problems once and for all.
  • The good part is that you can use natural oils such as seed oil, avocado oil, and walnut oil as they do not contain too many calories.
  • The biggest advantage of using this is that you will be able to eat healthier versions of your favorite foods not only because of their ingredients but in the way they are cooked in an air fryer.

Do All Of Them Perform The Same?

Not at all, and this is why you should go through several air fryer reviews. There are some units that do a fantastic job of cooking the food properly. Most units will be able to give the food a brown tint, but only a few of them will do so evenly. The results are also slightly dependent on the way the oven has been designed.

To cut a long story short, cooking with an air fryer is much easier as the chances of accidents are negligible. The best thing is that teenagers can even operate these machines at home without facing any problems. If you are looking for convenience, health, economy, and safety, then this what you should buy.