Why My Android Can’t Download anything from the Browser and Play store? Here’s The Fix!

If you are an Android user, it is sure that you download all apps from Google Play store or some third-party apps from the browser also. Sometimes, it just shows the download progress but actually doesn’t download at all.

How to Fix Download Issue on Chrome Browser? No Factory Reset Required!

Sometimes, you could easily download and install applications from Google Play but trouble starts when you try to download any 7z file, zip file, Google Drive file, torrent, mp3 etc. on your device. Even BitTorrent downloads stay at 0% and turn red, despite having trusted files. This problem occurs all the time whether you download through Wi-Fi or 4G.

It causes trouble downloading files due to many reasons. Here, you need to look for restricted background data and fix it without factory reset.

There are chances that you are facing trouble downloading data, no matter your device is connected through Wi-Fi or 4G, just because “Restrict Background Data” is enabled.

For uninterrupted downloading from browser, simply choose “Settings > Data Usage > Download Manager > disable the option “Restrict Background Data”.

Android Can't Download anything

How to Fix Download Issue on Google Play Store?

Google Play store sucks? Sometimes, it faces different types of problems. Some errors appear with error code, but others stay unclear. Just stopping the app and clearing app data or cache can resolve most of the issues. If you face any error code, the fix is almost the same. But you need to try different methods for other types of problems. We have discussed both fixes in this post to deal with error codes and fixes for common errors that you can resolve by just wiping cache.

Resolving Google Play Store Issues – FIXED

Most of the Google Play store errors can be fixed with four different methods. There is no need to try all of these at once. All you need to try one and see if the problem is fixed. If first trick didn’t work, try next.

There are four fixes to resolve the download conflict –

  • Stop the app and clean data and cache on Play Store
  • Switch from 4G to Wi-Fi
  • Uninstall Play Store and Install again (needs root permission)
  • Google Account reset

These tricks can resolve most of the problems in Google Play Store –

Clear Data and Cache

Google Play store runs several processes silently in background. Whenever you clear cache on Google Play, also do the same with Google Framework services and Google Services. You may also clear Download Manager data. Once cleared, reboot your Android device and try the update or installation again. You may want to reenter your login details. This trick may resolve most of the problems. So, here is a rundown of steps to do it –

  • First of all, head to Settings > Apps and find “All” tab.
  • Now go to “Google Play Services” and select “Force Stop” and stop the app.
  • Now tap on “Clear Cache” or Clear Data to remove the cache.

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Go to Wi-Fi from 4G

If your data connection stops frequently, most of the apps cause trouble and affects mobile data. Simply connect to Wi-Fi to move from 4G to Wi-Fi.

Try Removing and Installing Google Play again

If you have root access in your device, you can remove and install Google Play store again. You have freedom to download most up-to-date Play store using file manager like Amaze.

Reset Your Google Account

Remember, it’s not that difficult to refresh, re-add or remove your Google Account. The official instructions of Google cover Nexus devices, but they can work on most devices. Keep in mind that it will remove all your private data from the device, such as messages.

To do this, go to Settings and tap on Accounts.

Now choose the Google account that is causing trouble. If all of your accounts causing the trouble, you will want to delete all the accounts. Now go to menu option “Three vertical dots) at the top right corner of screen and select “Remove account”.

Now you can add the account again from Accounts menu. You may easily restart the device and re-add your account but it is not needed. Well, these tricks may resolve 90% of the issues on downloading apps.