Why Is App Store Not Working on iPhone iPad? How to Fix!

Can’t connect your iPhone or iPad to Apple App Store? Having trouble downloading or updating an app?

Well, these are common conflicts in most iPhone and iPad devices. Luckily there are different fixes you can do yourself. You may work through these methods to resolve the problem yourself.

1. Is App Store Down?

Apple suffers server outage over time. So, App Store might be down and no one can access it. This way, you may just check System Status page in Apple which lists conflicts with all the online services of the company and App Store must be first on the list. If the problem took place quite recently, it may not have been found yet and the site updates in minutes, not seconds.

App Store Not Working on iPhone

If it comes blank, you may search Twitter for relevant terms to find out if other users having same problem. If App Store is down, you cannot do anything much to solve it yourself. However, you may just wait for Apple to fix itself as you are not alone and there are many who have the same problem.

2. Check Connection

Obviously, you should be online to open App Store. If Wi-Fi is the issue, simply visit Google and see it if works. If not, try another Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, work networks are set up to block some services and sites to save bandwidth. You may use another Wi-Fi and see if the problem is resolved.

3. Check Mobile Data

Sometimes, you don’t have Wi-Fi everywhere. If you are trying to access App Store over 3G or 4G connection, there must be a root of the problem. When using mobile connection won’t stop you from using the App store completely, if iPhone is set to download apps only through Wi-Fi, it won’t download apps over mobile data.

So, you should connect to a reliable Wi-Fi and see if download proceeds. Or go to Settings app and select Mobile Data. Here, in “Use Mobile Data for”, be sure the slider is set to green besides App Store.

Did you exceed your daily data limit?

Even if you can download apps over mobile data, you may have exceeded the daily or monthly data limit. If you are on iOS, it is not that simple to monitor data usage. So, it is wise to check how much data allowed to use and to find out the expiry date of the data. If you have this information in mind, you can reset the stats on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Mobile Data on a specific day of the month and keep track on the amount of data you are going to use and which apps use much data.

Is an App too Large to Download over Mobile Data?

If you are unable to download your favorite game, iOS must be stopping you to download extremely large files (exceeding 100MB) over a mobile data. So, keep the size of file in mind. So, it is recommended to download large file over Wi-Fi.

Is the App Not Supported?

There are chances that you may be updating an app which is no longer supported using iOS and is out of date. Simply download a different app and see if it is causing failure to update app. You may also search for an app in App Store. It may have been removed from the store if it is not showing up.

Reset Your Account

To see if App Store is fixed, simply sign out and sign in to your account. First log out and then log in again to the App Store. Hopefully, it will fix the issue.

  • Simply Go to Settings > iTunes and go to App Store
  • Sign Out by tapping on Apple ID
  • Log in back again with Apple ID