10 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017-18

Getting free music is whole lot easier than it should be. Piracy is no longer the easy way. Nowadays, you can find almost any song you love with few apps. You may choose different streaming services. But there are only a few that stand out of the rest.

Let’s have a look at the best free apps to download music on Android.

10. Google Play Music

It is a very popular option for music. You can upload over 50000 songs for your own streaming. It is its best feature. Along with other free music apps, Google Play Music is the best option to combine your existing collection with online service. It is a free version which allows you to stream music and enjoy various playlists. The paid version has a lot of other perks. Now, it includes podcasts for both paid and free versions.

9. Deezer

It has been around as one of the best free music download apps. You can use is FLOW feature to explore new artists and enjoy mixes and playlists as per your own taste. It also features unlimited playlist creation, lyric fetching, and mixes on artists. You can also switch to its premium version to enjoy more features like offline listening, HD audio, and Android Auto support.

8. iHeartRadio

It is one of the widely used free music apps in Google Play store. This radio store plays variety of radio stations according to your own taste and it also has seasonal ratio stations and stuffs like talk radio, podcasts, and comedy shows. It also has FM and AM radio stations with data streaming and you can also listen to sports and news. It’s a versatile app with Material Design UI and it has all the stuffs like Android Wear support, Chromecast support, and Android Auto support.

7. Pandora Radio

It is another most popular free music app for Android. Its cross-platform support and its simplicity is its beauty. Simply jump on and enjoy music you love the most on almost any platform you like and sync your stations in all of them. The overall experience is very positive and their content library has grown significantly over the past couple of years. They too have on-demand, full streaming solution.

6. Jango Radio

It’s like a wildcard in the free music apps domain. It comes with lots of music from both independent artists and leading names. It allows a lot of independent artists to play for plays. You may hear a song that is paid by artist. So, it’s operating revenue to stay free. It also doesn’t have any ads and it is a best way to explore something new.

5. Slacker Radio

It is another popular option which has both subscription and free services like music, comedy, shows, sports, and other content to enjoy. It comes with great cross-platform support and you can create your own radio station for easy, quick listening or curated playlists.

4. SoundCloud

It is another best free music app as it is not all based on what’s popular today. Actually almost any artist can upload their own creation to SoundCloud and anyone can play content. Currently, it has 125 million tracks that everyone can listen to.

3. Spotify Music

It’s been superb for music streaming and one of the most popular music apps ever. It has curated playlists, generous library, and stations. And you can also create your own playlists and stations to choose.

2. YouTube Music

It is so popular that it needs no introduction. You also don’t even have to download YouTube because it comes pre-installed on almost every Android device. However, you may download it from Play Store. YouTube Music is a free music app which is worth listening. It features non-stop stations to listen what you love. Here you can find live recordings and remixes online.

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

It is well known for its podcast, talk radio, and comedy radio more than for its music. You can find a lot of ways to enjoy free music here. It has up to 100,000 radio stations of almost every genre you may want and it also has FM and AM radio stations to stream over mobile data.