10 Best High Authority Blog Submission (Content Sharing) Sites List 2017-18

Blog is a free service offered by high authority content sharing sites so you can share knowledge and connect with audience. Anyone can start free blog submission. Simply register to any blog submission site. Blogging is among the best ways to generate new leads for small and large businesses which convert into revenue and sales. On the other hand it can also be a good option for SEO people to create some good backlinks for their clients website.

Here, we are providing the list of top 10 high authority blogging platforms –

1. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is the biggest community of publishers across the world. So, you can have huge potential to reach millions of users by using WordPress.com, the most popular and powerful blogging platform. Getting started with a blog is very simple. You can use hundreds of SEO-friendly templates for free.

2. Blogger.com

Blogger.com is a free blogging platform from Google. Also known as Blogspot, Blogger.com comes with Google security and support. It is one of the best features out there for free bloggers. It comes with lots of customization features and millions of templates are available for free and you can buy premium formats.

3. Tumblr.com

Powered by Yahoo, Tumblr is a free social networking and free micro-blogging website. Users can share visual contents too, such as videos, images, infographs, and links. You may also use free app from Tumblr. It shows up pictures, music, recordings, and more.

4. Weebly.com

Weebly is one of the favorite blogs and it is one of the well known free blogs. It also offers e-commerce iPhone app so you can post your blogs on the go and connect to your online network. This blogging platform is easy to use and free and also includes web builder service which works on simple drag and drop feature.

5. Livejournal.com

It is another most popular blogging platform which comes in both paid and free versions. Some of the best features are polls, videos, image uploading, and multiple author blogs, to send private and public message.

6. Webs.com

Webs.com is a free blogging sites to make blogging simple and better. It is a free website builder service to start your free blog. It is a great platform with simple drag-and-drop website design builder. It is well known platform which uses e-commerce with live customer support.

7. Medium.com

Developed by Twitter, Medium is a free blogging platform for everyone who likes to write. It has been used by many publications and professional bloggers.

8. Rediff.com

It is a very simple and innovative platform to set up and update a blog. You just need an account on Rediff.com. There are three simple steps to set up a free blog – enter a subject, choose a template and make an entry. You can publish or post a blog to be viewed by all users or everyone.

9. LinkedIn

If you are ready to take your small steps to publish your own blog, LinkedIn is the best platform to raise your voice. With over 467 million members across the world, LinkedIn is already the largest professional networking platform in the world. It features smooth and new blogging platform.

10. Apsense.com

Apsense is a business social network designed for business owners worldwide. Apsense enables its users to post ads, review other services and businesses, and write blogs and get paid for it. The beauty of this platform is that everyone helps out in this community. It is a free to join social network so you can create blogs. It is a business social network that helps you to promote your own business or through referring others. It is the most powerful branding and advertising tool on the web. It is best suited for both experienced marketers and beginners.