10 Best Online PDF Reader/Viewer/Opener in 2017-18

As latest web browsers are enough to open PDF documents, you don’t need a free PDF reader on your PC. But there are still some tasks like digital signature, annotation, form filling, etc. where you need an advanced version of PDF reader.

Choosing the best PDF opener online is not that tough. But you should consider the options available. So, we have compiled a list of top 10 best PDF readers for your needs.

PDF opener online

1. Your Web Browsers – Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome

The latest versions of browsers can open and preview PDFs. You can just click on a link or file in your browser once downloaded. You can also set your default browser to open PDFs from your hard drive.

Browsers also allow you to download PDFs and print the opened ones. You can also zoom in and out of the document. However, some of the functions are specific to the browsers, for example, Firefox and Chrome support rotation of pages, Firefox supports page overview and full screen, and Chrome has bookmark feature.

2. Adobe Reader DC

Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows Phone, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the go-to PDF viewer. Though your web browser is enough to see PDF, but some PDFs are complicated. PDFs have complete 3D models, fillable forms, and various rich media that Adobe can handle. It has a lot of features along with the basic zoom in and zoom out and various page views. It also allows you to add notes and highlight texts along with taking snapshots of any specific part of the page.

3. Foxit Reader

Available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, and iOS, Foxit Reader might be confused for a MS Office program at first glance. The interface seems almost similar. It has the predefined Adobe features but adds a few extras, including form filling or annotating PDF. Because of its tabbed browsing, it is easy to open and work with a lot of PDFs at one time. You can also create PDF documents which are connected and work of them with others, add comments, and start discussions.

4. Nitro PDF Reader

Like Foxit Reader, the design of Nitro PDF reader is also influenced by MS Office so Windows users can easily attach to it. Like other versatile PDF readers, Nitro is able to highlight your PDF and annotate and add sticky notes. It also allows digital signature and basic features like page views and zooming.

5. SumatraPDF

It is a user-friendly, open-source, and lightweight PDF reader. Along with PDF, it also supports eBook formats like MOBI, ePUB, XPS documents, and even comics like CBR and CBZ. It has very basic features like search, zooming, and bookmark.

6. MuPDF

It is a lightweight and free program which lets you to view and open PDFs. Switching between the pages with shortcuts is allowed and zooming but it is made for pure reading. So, it has no extras.

7. PDF-XChange Editor

It is available in both free and paid versions. Freeware has some great features like OCR to extract text from pages scanned. It may seem a bit overloaded. But you can display and hide most unwanted toolbars to clean up the interface.

8. Expert PDF Reader

It is another lightweight and free PDF reader which allows basic viewing and a page overview and bookmark feature. It also has advanced options to sign a PDF document. Highlighting and annotations are other advanced features.

9. AnDoc PDF Reader

It is a well-known Android app which does actually what it must – view and open PDFs. The freeware has ads. If it bothers you, remove ads by paying a small fee. It can also open DjVu files.

10. SlimPDF reader

It is another super-light PDF which operates lightning fast while having basic features like searching, zooming and rotating.