6 Best URL Shortener Sites for Long URL’s

You may have heard of URL shortener a lot of times whenever you’ve ever had to share any long link to social media with your friends.

Twitter was the first to start that trend. Twitter is a micro-blogging and social media site where you can post in only 140 characters. You have to use a shortened URL to share a link and tell what it is for.

To meet this need, many website owners and bloggers started looking for URL shorteners. But they are still confused as to which URL shortnener to choose for their business. This blog post is written to serve the same purpose. We will share some of the best URL shortener sites to shrink Long URLs and links and use them on Twitter or other social media sites.

1. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is the oldest URL shortener site and is most popular as it came even before Google URL shortener. In this service, you can also track the clicks on your URL and know the popularity of your page. It is also one of the widely used URL shorteners.

Bitly URL Shortener

You may figure out how many clicks you may get with this analysis data, after placing your URL on social media. You can also check all the URLs in the list of shortened URL when opening the dashboard. You will also see the graph on the dashboard to see the analytic information about the clicks made.

2. Google URL Shortener

Started exclusively by Google, Google URL shortener is the new entry in URL shortening domain.  It is quite popular in most social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As the name suggests, this service is preferred to shorten website URL and analyze the number of clicks. The data of analysis contains the most useful user click data to keep track on your blog’s popularity.

3. Bit.do

Bit.do is another popular URL shortening website that allows you to custom shorten a URL. It means you can show your own brand name with URL. Along with it, it also shows the URLs in the list of dashboard. Visitors can get click and popularity of blog posts with the analytics of data.

With real time data, you can follow up the clicks to your dashboard. Simply promote your URL and get reference where you get more clicks. You can also track the country of visitors and see what is popular in which nation. After creating your URL, it won’t expire.

4. Shorte.st

Make money from ads in your blogs with this URL shortner. But ads may not do anything good for your blog just for clicks. With a short link to your pages, post, and comments, people will be able to see ad and you can make money on display of that ad. You will also get some click stats to see whether URL is attracting users or not. It will also give you some script to place to your web pages to make money from the blog.

5. TinyURL.com

It is the oldest URL shortener that can be used by several oldest bloggers and social media markers. The short URL looks a bit longer than the shortened URL from other services like Google URL Shortener, ow.ly, bit.ly, etc.

6. Ow.ly Hootsuite URL Shortener

It is a link shortener from HootSuite, which is the top social media marketing tool to auto-share your blog to leading social media pages. It is the best social media management solution that can manage your social accounts. The shortened URL with this tool looks smaller than that of other URL shorteners.