Can Android Phone Get Viruses? How to Protect It?

So you have bought your dream smartphone by spending your hard-earned dollars on it. It is true that you will love to keep it working just like new as long as you can. To keep your device up and running all the time, it is important to ensure security and keep your OS up-to-date. But most devices are vulnerable to infections as their owners are not fully aware about malware and how it works.

Malware is basically designed to steal your private data or to steal account information from your device. Malware can track account numbers, steal passwords, put false charges on your accounts, or track your activity or location without your consent. A malicious app is the main source of malware.

So, be sure to avoid these causes of getting a virus on your smartphone.

Can Android Phone Get a Virus

Downloads from Untrusted Sources

Downloading apps from untrusted sources is the most common reason behind malware intrusion on your device. Most hackers use repackaged icons of trusted apps to trick users to download malicious apps. The best way of avoiding it is using only Google Play Store, instead any third party store. Most apps from third-party app stores gather information about device and put ad banners, no matter what you are doing on your phone.

Downloading Wrong Apps

Don’t download multiple apps altogether to avoid any malware. Some infected apps make way to Google Play Store despite best efforts to keep them away. Even though it’s official app store, be sure to do some research and use your common sense before downloading any app. Also read some reviews to save you from wrong apps. If you don’t find any review or only a few reviews, it’s a sure shot red flag.  Also check the reputation and previous creations of the developer.

Tapping Download Links on In-App Ads or Suspicious Websites

Download links are yet another area where hackers put malicious apps and as ads in your pre-installed games. You could still get malicious ads even without using third-party app store. Even if the link shows a trusted icon or name, you still avoid taping the download link on the ad or web, even though you trust the app or website where link is showing up. Don’t download apps until you are at the official app store on your device.

Rooting or Jailbreak

You can get a lot of flexibility by rooting your device. It can give total control on your device. You can modify almost anything using the right software. Getting more control than your OS usually allows sounds too good to be true, but it costs you with getting your device on the mercy of malwares that can access your private data, make changes to your device, or corrupt major system files.

So, make sure to be very careful on what you are clicking or downloading while browsing the app store or the web. Don’t provide Superuser access to any app until you are 100% sure about that.

Tips to Protect Your Device from Virus

  • Use Antivirus Software. You may find a lot of free antivirus programs on the app store. Choose one for your device.
  • Lock Your Device – Put a fingerprint sensor, password or pattern to lock your device when not in use.
  • Avoid Suspicious Sources – When browsing the web on your device, avoid clicking suspicious websites. Malicious websites may install viruses on your device. If you get unexpected popup or message with a link, avoid it. The link may take you to a malicious website or download a malicious app.
  • Download document or app only when it comes from a reliable source that you trust, such as app store.
  • Don’t Root or Jailbreak – Don’t do this as it is not recommended by the manufacturer. It makes your device more vulnerable to viruses.

Final Thoughts

You may already know how to secure your PC from viruses using the best antivirus. Do you know your Android device too needs the same protection? It’s actually a pocket computer which holds your vital documents, personal data, and other files.

A virus attack can damage your personal data, and steal passwords and account details. With above tips in mind, you can avoid all digital threats in your device.