How Can I See My Messages on Facebook without Messenger?

Facebook is literally the best way to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends. However, Facebook has separated messages from its main Facebook app on your mobile devices. From now on, if you want to check a new Facebook message on your phone, you cannot do this unless you download and install Facebook Messenger app.

For many people, it’s not an issue. They have already downloaded Messenger app and enjoying it without any bug. But there are some people who are strictly determined not to use this app because of many reasons. If you are a productive person who doesn’t like being annoyed with constant notifications or if you want to keep your phone’s memory free a bit, you may still survive without Messenger app.

If you hate Facebook Messenger for any reason, good news for you! There are few ways to check your messages without even installing Messenger app. All you need to use your phone’s browser instead. Last week, Facebook started moving its messages ahead of main app but there are few simple tips to keep chatting with your friends without any additional app for this.

FB Message

When you try to access messages from the main Facebook app, it may show you a message “Download Messenger app to Access Chats” or something like that. Or it may prompt you saying that messages have been moved to Messenger app and forces you to download a new app from Google Play.

Method One

A simple trick here is to go to Facebook messenger and select “Install Messenger”. It will then direct you to the Google Play or app store. Start downloading the app and stop download before it installs. Now get back to the Facebook app. See if it displays the messages in the messages tab. This trick works with both Android and iPhone devices. You can access the Messages through Facebook app.

Obviously, Facebook is likely to update its app to avoid this loophole so the trick may not be as effective as it seems. Along with jail breaking the device, other option here is to use web version of Facebook instead using an official Facebook app.

Not all the mobile users on Facebook have to download and install Messenger app. The company has already confirmed that the change will roll out to all users after a long time.

Method 2

The simplest way here is to go to to check Facebook messenger without using Messenger app. This site serves as a message-only portal on desktop. Open it on your Chrome browser on mobile. Though it will connect you to Play store to download Messenger app, you can still check your messages. The trick here is to tap “Request desktop site” in your browser settings.

On iOS, tap the share button on Safari in this setting. Tap 3-dot menu on Android in the upper right corner. In the same way, simply head to to send your message to your friends.

On the other side, you may simply log on to official Facebook website on your Chrome mobile browser and check your Facebook messages. You will need a fair amount of zooming and pinching to navigate the whole website with your fingers on your device. However, makes things easier to look around.

As long as you switch from mobile version to a desktop version on your device, you can use Messenger desktop version. It’s a bit complex but you won’t need to install Messenger app. This trick can save you from downloading the Messenger app separately.