Why I Can’t Open a PDF File on Android? How to Fix!

PDF is one of the well known and widely used formats for eBook files on Windows PC. If you own a Windows PC, I am pretty sure that there is no issue in opening PDF files. In several ways, Android is much like PC. There are different well-known eBook formats to open your PDF files.

If you are having trouble in opening PDF files on your Android directly, you must read this post to know how to open PDF on your devices. Most devices already come with in-built PDF readers. But if your device doesn’t have a PDF reader, use one of these apps detailed below to access it on your android.

Can't Open PDF File on Android

Method 1 – Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is widely used on your Windows PC and it is among the best Android PDF apps offered on Google Play Store. Adobe reader is developed by Adobe, the company which introduced PDF format to the world. This Android PDF reader is simple to use and allows you to open PDF files on your Android device within just a few seconds. This app also includes different advanced features, such as night mode and brightness lock. It also includes zoom, scroll, and search functions.

In Adobe Reader, you can also fill forms in PDF format. Another great feature is that you can sign PDF documents just using your finger as you would with your pen on paperwork. You can also sign on forms and letters on your Android device. You can also use Google Cloud Print to print your PDF documents.

  • First of all, download Adobe Reader and install it on your Android device. You can get it from the official Google Play store.
  • Be sure to have a PDF file stored on your device. If you have a file on PC, connect it to your Android device through USB cable and transfer it to your tablet or smartphone.
  • Go to the folder where your PDF file is saved on your device using your device file manager and tap on the file. Your PDF file will automatically be opened in Adobe Reader.

You may also open Adobe Reader first to open the PDF file. Just tap on Menu button on the top left and choose Documents. It will list all the PDF files on your device. Just tap on the file you want to open.

Method 2 – Using PDF Reader

PDF Reader is also among the best PDF apps for Android just like Adobe Reader. You can also download it from Google Play store. It is very easy to customize and use for Android users. It also features Night mode to reduce brightness and full screen mode for easy readability. You can also translate text with PDF Reader through online dictionaries.

  • Download PDF Reader and stall on your Android tablet or smartphone. You have option to download app using Google Play store.
  • You can also use ad-free pro version of app which comes with new feature to filter search results.
  • Be sure that PDF file is saved on your Android device. If your PC has the file, it’s time to connect your device to your PC through USB cable and copy the file to your device.
  • Now search the folder for PDF file which is saved on your Android device through file manager and just tap on it. The PDF file will be opened using PDF Reader.

Just like Adobe Reader, you can also open PDF Reader manually to open the file. Go to “SCAN” tab and it will show all the PDF files on your device. Just open the file you want. You can also search and open the file on your own. Go to “BROWSE” tab and go to the folder where PDF file is saved on your device.


PDF is one of the most widely-used formats for documents and eBooks. So, we believe that latest Android tablets and smartphones have in-built PDF readers. So, you may not need to download any third-party app. If in case, you cannot open PDF file on your device, you can download and install any of the above apps to open PDF files on your device. Be sure to follow all the instructions well.