Cheat Engine APK Download Free For Android 2018

Cheat engine perhaps is one of the best Android game hacking apps available on the internet today. Most of the players have probably felt like they need to get their game hacked because they couldn’t get what they wanted; it could be the number of coins, number of life, gems, level upgrade etc. However, most of the games have set a certain test or task that a player should complete before allowing access to next level, but, few of the games come with difficult tasks, these tasks are so difficult that they cannot achieve it in few tries and this is where our Cheat Engine apk comes handy.

The Cheat Engine is an app like Freedom apk and SB Game Hacker but more powerful than these two. The cheat engine hacks into the games core program and then alters the setting in such a way that the player can choose the number of resources like coins, gems, life, and levels he/she has. This app simply allows the player to win the tasks/tests easily. Now, here are the exciting features of the Cheat engine apk.

  1. Most trusted and risk-free hacking app available on the internet today.
  2. The app allows scanning for all the value types.
  3. Allows imports of trainers and tables.
  4. The app works independently and does not require any hosts for its working.
  5. Works on the latest Android versions
  6. User-Interface of this app is powerful and user-friendly.
  7. Comes with a feature for scanning a wide range of value (float, double, hex, string, 2byte, 4 byte, 8byte etc.)
  8. Works with any rooted Android devices.
  9. Cheat Engine apk allows the user to connect with local as well as remote access via IP.


  • Rooted Android OS
  • Minimum internal memory 150 Mb
  • Minimum 1 Gb RAM
Latest app version 6.5.2
Last update was on 3rd December, 2018
OS requirement Android 4.3+
File size 1.50 Mb

Step by step procedure to download and install Cheat Engine apk

  • Step 1: Click here to download Cheat Engine apk installation file.
  • Step 2:Navigate to Mobile setting and then to Security and Privacy and then enable the “Unknown Source”
  • Step 3: Once unknown sources are enabled, now open the Cheat Engine installation file from the downloaded files folder.
  • Step 4: The app will start installing on your device now. One successful installation, open the app using the app icon on the home screen. Now, keep the app running on the background.
  • Step 5: Now, open the game that needs to be hacked, open the cheat engine working in the background and find if the game is listed on its list.
  • Step 6:In the app, open the process and then search for the desired value or enter the number of resources required and click the “Activate” button below.

Now, check the game the resource will be added to the game.