Customize your floor with the best flooring nailer

To customize your house floors into hardwood floors, you may need an excellent flooring nailer. Manually nailing pieces of wood to floor can be very time-consuming. For better and greater results flooring nailers are important. So let’s see how to choose the best flooring nailer.

Manual or pneumatic nailers

Manual and pneumatic flooring nailers can be used to repair floors. The manual nailers are much simpler to use, but making a perfect shot on the floor can be difficult. The pneumatic nailers are very popular due to its powerful and precise results. Pneumatic nailers are even used for large floors that need heavy working.

The 18 gauge or 16 gauges nails

The two types of flooring nails are gauge 18 and gauge 16 models. For thinner floor and delicate wood, the 18 gauge nails are used for a thin and sleek shot. The 18 gauge nails can be used even in hard planks, but it may not last long. The 16 gauge cleats are used for thicker and hard planks of wood. They are designed for hardwoods that affix better and stronger. If you are a professional, then the 16 gauge nails may work. For simple flooring and repairs, use the 18 gauge nails.

Staples or cleats

The smooth prongs of staples make it sink easily to the subfloor. They are bigger and hold excellently to the floor in the initial stages. However, after the contraction of wood, the nail may loosen in the future. However, cleats hold on to the wood for a longer time. Professionals may choose both cleats and staples for flooring.

Body and build

The flooring nailers that are well built are highly durable. Not only a strong and sturdy build is required, but it also should be lightweight. So choose the nailer that is easy to lift.

Cost and worth

Flooring nailers are no ordinary tools. They are specialized tools that can be used better by professionals. The flooring nailers can be expensive. However, if you do not want to compromise any of the best features, then investing money on it can be worthy. There are several models of flooring nailers available, and depending upon the model, the price may differ, so choose the one that suits your budget. One way through which you can reduce the cost is by focusing on the quality and not its design.

There are lots of decisions to make when choosing the best flooring nailer, so consider the above buyer tips to choose one easily.