Difference between Gate Valves and Ball Valves

Gate valves and ball valves are the most commonly used valves in almost every industry including the important one s like the oil and gas industries. They both offer great usability to the industries and have their pros and cons that a buyer should know about before investing. Also, as they are amongst the most common types of valves used, they are available from different sellers. However, most of the users aren’t aware of the differences between the two and the exact reason for using the particular valve in the industry.

To make things clearer to the readers, we are listing the two major differences between the gate valve and the ball valves that will help you choose the correct one for your industry and get the perfect results by getting the suitable flow of material without dealing with the unnecessary mess created due to choosing the wrong valve.

Space needed

The gate valves are relatively compact than the ball valves and use the wheel that opens or closes the flow of water/fluid/gas. The best thing about the gate valve is the durability and perfect efficiency. The gate valves are installed at the places where the flow of the material is to be supplied throughout the plant. As the valve is operated with a wheel, this takes longer time to close and open. The compact design of the valve makes it great for the tight spaces. So, if you are having relatively less space to install the valve, the gate valve will be the ideal choice to go with.

Gate Valves and Ball Valves

Unlike the gate valves, the ball valves are relatively easier to operate and have a lever that helps the users to quickly control the flow of the material. They are a more reliable and faster way to control the flow, but the major drawback of the ball valves is the space requirement. They require more space as the lever may differ in size and convenience. That’s the reason why these valves aren’t recommended for tighter spaces even they are relatively easier to use.


As the gate valves are more frequently used than the ball valves, they need more maintenance and you may need replacement more frequently than the ball valves. So, id you were looking for a valve that can serve you for longer period, go with the ball valves with better durability and efficiency.


So, this was a brief comparison and differences between the two most popular valves for the manufacturing industries. Choose the one that satisfies your needs and is perfect for the industry you are working in.

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