Different Types of Locking Mailbox You Should Know

The mails you receive would include both confidential and general mails. However, it is important to prevent mailboxes from being tampered with as mail theft which could easily lead to identity theft, which would become a serious problem. It is important to choose a secure mailbox. The locking mailboxes are ideal for protecting the mail you receive. But you have different types of mailboxes. It would be helpful for you to choose the right mailbox for your home if you are aware of the different types of locking mailboxes that are available in the market.

 Types of mailboxes

The types of mailboxes that are available in the market include Wall- mounted mailboxes, Curb side mailboxes as well as column locking mailboxes. You also have cluster mailboxes. They are, of course, made of different materials. The high-quality locks that can only be opened with laser cut keys.

 Wall-mounted mailboxes

As the name suggests, these locking mailboxes are mounted to the Wall of your home. The wall-mounted mailboxes are easy to install as they can be mounted on to a siding, brick, stucco, etc. you must decide where you want to attach the mailbox. It is simply attached with screws. The wall-mounted locking mailboxes would be ideal where the postal carrier delivers the mail by walking from one house to another. He just needs to drop the mail into the drop slots that you see on the walls. They are available in different styles and are available in different materials as well.

Column Locking Boxes

The column mailboxes are designed to have an address plaque. The column mailboxes are fixed to a free-standing column. The column locking mailboxes are usually custom made to suit the design and style of the home. It is, however, important to get in touch with the local post office to get to know about the restrictions concerning column mailboxes before you buy one to choose the mailbox of style and material that is ideal for your use.

Curbside mailboxes

The curbside mailboxes consist of two parts. The drop slot, as well as the mail slot. The drop slot is the opening in which the mail is dropped. The curbside mailboxes have two sections. The drop boxes where the post carrier drops the mails. But there is a secure compartment that holds the mail. The secure compartment is opened using the key to the locked mailbox. They also have a rear retrieval door, which helps you to retrieve the mail without having to go to the front part of the mailbox in the street or road to retrieve the mail.

Cluster mailboxes

This refers to the mailboxes that are set up in apartments where a common area is shared to pick up the mail. The cluster box units have about 8 -24 locked mailboxes. However, you can operate them just as the curbside mailboxes are operated.

There are severalmail locking boxes in the market. Being aware of the types would ensure that you choose the right one for you.