Freedom APK New Latest Version Download For Android 2018

The Freedom apk is one of the most useful apps that allow the user to unlock premium features of top rated games absolutely free of any cost.

So how does this app do the work? The “Freedom apk” software/app bypasses the credit checking system of the Google Play Store and creates a fake credit card which, in turn, is used to pay for the premium features in the game. Now, you might get worried when u heard about the fake credit card. Don’t worry these fake credit cards are not stolen or loaded with any sort of cash to eventually give the user a jail time, the app just uses the fake credit card to convince the Play Store about the payment and nothing else. There is no real transaction of money.

PS: The Freedom apk app is not legal and cannot be found on Google Play Store or any top app stores. Being illegal does not put the user at any risk, there are thousands of users of this app today all free of risk.

Features and benefits of Freedom apk app

  • Enable premium features in games and apps by purchasing them.
  • In-game upgrades without spending a dime
  • Purchase coins and features without spending anything from your pocket
  • Freedom apk comes free of all cost

Enable premium features in games and apps by purchasing them – You might have come across the annoying issue of few most wanted features locked or disabled. However, these features can be unlocked if an amount is paid to the developer. This really would cost you some of your hard-earned money. This is where Freedom apk come handy, install the Freedom apk app and you can pay the developer to unlock/enable the features without paying them any money. I have already mentioned in the beginning how this app works.

In-game upgrades – Locked game levels are one of the most annoying things I have come across as a gamer. The developer would have locked the game levels and the user has to pay to unlock this game levels. However, by using the Freedom apk app the user can pay the developer and unlock the levels without actually paying them in real time.

Purchase coins – Unlike the above-mentioned type of games, few of the games allow the user to enable the locked features only with the coins that you earn during the game, along with this the game will also have options to purchase a bundle of coins by paying the developer in real. This can really cost you, your hard earned money. However, with Freedom apk app you can purchase these bundle of coins without paying the developer from your pocket.

Freedom apk comes free of all cost – I have already mentioned the way “Freedom apk” app works. You should remember that the app comes totally free of all cost and the purchases that the app do on a game are free of all cost.


  • Rooted Android device
  • Android version 2.4 or above
  • The device should have minimum 100Mb memory
  • The device should have minimum 512 Mb RAM
Latest version Freedom apk 1.8.4
Minimum device OS requirement Android version 2.3 and above
Last Update August 30th, 2017
Root required Y/N Y
File size 1.9 Mb approx.

Step by step procedure to install and use the Freedom apk app

Step 1: Click here to download the Freedom apk app

Step 2: Now you will have to change the device settings, go to your device privacy and security setting option and enable installation from “Unknown sources”

Step 3: After downloading, go to the download destination and open the installation file

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, the device will set an icon on the device home screen, click this icon and open the app.

Step 5: Now, the app will ask you for “Root/Superuser” permission, provide the permission as requested

Step 6: Now the app home screen will appear with the list of apps and games on your device. Select the app/game you need to unlock or purchase the features with Freedom apk

Step 7: Now, the page appears with a list of features that are locked, click on any of the option on the list and the app will successfully unlock the features.

Things to remember

  • Installation of Freedom apk requires rooted Android OS
  • If you have already linked and attached a credit card to your Google Play Store remove it before installing and using Freedom apk
  • Freedom apk is an illegal app from an unknown underground developer, the apps works fine and currently, it is estimated to have thousands of users
  • Freedom apk might have some issues at first run on your device. But, the app work fine and is verified.