GBWhatsapp APK New Latest Version Download For Android 2018

GBWhatsapp is the modified version of Whatsapp that can be installed on your Android device. The GBWhatsapp has numerous features that official Whatsapp do not provide. One of the key features of GBWhatsapp that makes it different from other cracked and modified Whatsapp is the feature that it could be installed and used with official Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp is one of the most famous and most used modified Whatsapp in the world today. So, why do we need GBWhatsapp when we already have an official Whatsapp? It is pretty simple; GBWhatsapp, unlike official Whatsapp, has many extra features.

GBWhatsapp features

  • The latest version of GBWhatsapp apk is based on the latest official version of Whatsapp.
  • GBWhatsapp offers extra added emojis.
  • The user can assign the app to send an automatic reply to messages from saved contacts.
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to edit the photos and videos and add effects to them
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to hide their status and set status for individual contacts on their list
  • Official Whatsapp does not allow to send files with a size larger than 15 Mb, but, the GBWhatsapp allows the user to send files with size lesser than 50 Mb
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to hide the last seen, alter the blue ticks, typing status etc.
  • The characters that can be included on the status have been raised from 139 to 255.
  • One of the most important features of this app is that it can be used with official Whatsapp; there is absolutely no need to uninstall the official Whatsapp.
  • GBWhatsapp supports over 100+ languages.
  • GBWhatsapp comes with an anti-ban feature; the official Whatsapp developer cannot ban the user from using this modified Whatsapp.
  • Official Whatsapp allows the user to send only 10 images at one go, but, GBWhatsapp allows the user to send about 90 pictures at one go.
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to change the theme and backgrounds
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to create a 35 character long group name
  • Official Whatsapp does not provide any locking feature, but, GBWhatsapp comes with inbuilt lock feature.
  • GBWhatsapp allows the user to change the notification background and change the blue ticks to another style.
  • GBWhatsapp comes with a feature to block voice calls of various saved contacts.
  • The traditional Whatsapp icon and notification icons can be customised according to users wish.


  • Rooted or Non-Rooted Android OS
  • Minimum 100 Mb internal memory
  • Minimum 512 Mb RAM
Latest version 6.30
Root required Y/N N
Minimum OS requirement Android 4.0 and above
Last Updated on February 2018
Total downloads/users 6 Million +
File size 52 Mb approx.

Step by step procedure to install GBWhatsapp apk

Step 1: Click here to Download GBWhatsapp apk

Step 2:Go to your device settings -> security and privacy and then enable the installation of an application from “Unknown sources”

Step 3: Now, navigate to the destination where the GBWhatsapp installation file was downloaded, open the installation file

Step 4: After successful installation, the device will create an icon on the home screen. Open the GBWhatsapp.

Step 5: enter the mobile number and the OTP send to the mobile number and complete the procedure as requested by the app.

Now you can start using the app.

If you are migrating from the official Whatsapp to GBWhatsapp you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open you official Whatsapp

Step 2: go to the settings of the Whatsapp

Step 3: Now, click the chat backup option

Step 4: Click on the “Back up” button

Now all the chats on your official Whatsapp will be uploaded to the server. Now uninstall the app. After this procedure, follow the steps mentioned above to install the GBWhatsapp and login with the same number used on the official Whatsapp.

Things to remember

  • GBWhatsapp works on all Android devices with versions above 4.0
  • GBWhatsapp does not require Rooting
  • GBWhatsapp can be used along with official Whatsapp and the apps won’t crash
  • GBWhatsapp can download chat backups
  • Users of official Whatsapp can migrate to GBWhatsapp without any issue and continue using the app without any disruption.