Why is My Gmail Not Working on My iPhone iPad? How to fix?

Are you sure you are entering correct password but still Gmail not working on your iPad or iPhone? Maybe Gmail was running fine on your iPhone but you haven’t signed in for longer and it stopped suddenly.

Here, we are going to figure out the common problems and how to fix Gmail not working on your iOS devices.


Security is among the major concerns these days for both consumers and companies. Customers don’t want someone to steal their personal information and vendors don’t want customers to have any security complaint as it is for reputation. Sadly, when no explanations are there and for security reasons, Gmail locks many accounts which remained inactive for ages.

Not Getting Any Mail

The problem is not in security, but it’s the lack of information that leaves users clueless. Many people go on vacation and realize that their email is not loading on their iDevices when they return back. It worked well before they left, why not today?


Google observed that the user was connecting from a new location and blocked the sign-in process as it thought that someone was going to hack into their email. Most of the Apple Store employees know it happens every time. Google may stop sign-in attempts for different reasons.

Fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone or iPad

If you are entering correct Gmail password but still not able to access your email, try these methods –

Check for Alerts in Gmail

You may not get proper details on why you cannot sign in on Mail app on your iPad or iPhone, so, you need to visit the desktop version of Gmail to get proper details. It’s better if you visit the Gmail website on desktop but it still works on your iPhone or iPad. Simply open Chrome, Safari or any other browser, open Gmail.com and enter your credentials.

If you have iPhone, it may show a popup which will ask you to download an app but ignore it. tap the link of mobile site at the bottom of screen. Look for alert box saying something like “We’ve blocked a sign-in attempt” or “Someone has used your account”. Simply click “Review Your Devices” and select “That was Me”.

Go to Gmail website and Review Your Recent Devices

Even though you didn’t get email on blocked sign-in, it’s better to visit Device activity and notification on “My Account”. It will show up all the recent devices that you have tried to access your account and unblock the accesses when it was you. When you notify Google that it was you who signed into your account, it will load your email on your iPad or iPhone.


CAPTCHA is a little fix that Google uses to unlock some of the security features of Google so new devices can connect to Gmail. It works on Apple Store. Simply visit the CAPTCHA Reset page and login with your credentials. Now sign into Gmail on your iPad or iPhone. Sign-in should work this time and Google will remember the device and you shouldn’t face any problem to move ahead.

Check if IMAP is Enabled

IMAP is a technology which allows Gmail users to deliver mail to their device. It may be disabled in settings. This is why Gmail may not work on your iPad or iPhone. If it is turned off on Gmail, you will no longer be able to access email from the server. The process may be a bit tricky on iPhone.

We hope Gmail will load again on your iPad or iPhone after trying the above fixes. Gmail should work again on your devices and you can again send and receive mails through Mail app.