Why My Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Here’s The Fix!

If you are constantly seeing that annoying message “Whoa! Google Chrome Crashed”, there are chances that your system has a conflict. Crash may happen once in a while. But if it is crashing all the time, there must be a trouble in your system which needs fix.

If you want to know how often the browser is crashing, simply type chrome://crashes on address bar of the browser and hit Enter to see the list of crashes. It is simply one of several hidden pages on chrome://.

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing

Force Restart

If Chrome crashes once, it’s not a problem at all. If it is crashing all the time, it’s time to fix it. In case multiple programs crash, the conflict is basically with your device or computer or OS, not the application itself. Between such programs, the basic denominator is your OS or system. So, you need to inspect them first.

Whenever anything goes wrong or application or program crashes, you need to restart the application. You may either use Alt+F4, menu in the program, or Task Manager to force restart. If it still doesn’t work and Chrome is still crashing. You need to restart your computer or turn off your device and wait for 30 seconds before booting it again. Most of the issues are fixed after complete restart.

Use Google’s Software Removal Tool

Recently, Google has launched a new tool that will be helpful to you to clean up the Chrome browser from anything which is causing interruption in normal operation. You just have to go to www.google.com/chrome/srt/ and click “Download Now”. You will want to reset the browser once it restarts. It is really very helpful to avoid crashes and other conflicts.

Inspect Conflicting Software

On your computer, some programs may cause conflict with Google Chrome and lead it to crash a lot. It may be a network-related software or malware which is causing trouble. Chrome features a hidden page which will tell you if any program conflicts with it. To check it, just type chrome://conflicts on the address bar and hit Enter.

You may also inspect the program which crashes the Chrome page on its website which displays a list of programs causing this problem. It also provides instructions on how to fix those conflicts. If you have such kind of software on your PC, you need to update it to recent version, disable or just remove it. If you don’t know about the software module, simply Google the name of library.

Use Anti-Malware

Malwares are also one of the main reasons that cause Google Chrome to crash. If you are having crashes all the time, it’s time to scan your PC with Microsoft Security Essentials or any other antivirus program. If you already have antivirus, you may use it.

Fix Flash Conflicts

Chrome includes a Flash plugin which may cause pages to crash most of the time. If you are seeing crashes in Shock wave Flash regularly, you may want to disable the Flash plugin and use standard plugin in Chrome.

Fix Problems in System File

To inspect and fix issues with secured system files on your Windows, it is recommended by Google to use SFC.EXE/SCANNOW program if you are facing crashes. To get it done, open the Command Prompt in your system. Press Windows key and type cmd. Right click on it and click Run as Administrator.

Type this command and press enter – SFC.EXE/SCANNOW

Windows will start scanning your system to find problems in system files and fix them, if any. Chrome also crashes due to hardware problems. You may also test the RAM in your PC and make sure it is fine.

Move to New Profile

Corrupt profile may be the reason behind Chrome crashes. You may create a new profile from Settings screen on Chrome. Go to Settings page from menu, click Users and choose “Add New User”.

Create new profile and change to it and find out if it still crashes. You may sync the data from old profile and sign into Chrome using your Google account. However, you shouldn’t copy anything from old profile folder manually. These files may be corrupted and cause error. We hope this move may help you fix the problem.