Why Is My Google Chrome So Slow? Here’s The Fix!

In this digital world, we just can’t live without web browsers. So, it’s literally annoying to have a browser which is too sluggish or slow to work on, or even crashes all the time. In this guide, we’ll cover up the basic tricks like keeping browser up-to-date and removing browser history. So, without further wait, let’s start with the methods to keep your Chrome up and running like new.

Keep Chrome Up-to-Date

It is one of the best things you can do to your browser. Basically, Chrome automatically installs updates once they roll on. But it works only when Chrome is closed. Just close the Chrome once in a while. But if your Chrome is mostly open all the time, you can go to Options icon at the right bottom of the toolbar. If there is an update, it will show options.

google chrome slow

Go to Options menu and choose “Update Google Chrome” option to update. Chrome automatically informs you that you need to relaunch the browser to update. Click “Relaunch”.

Chrome will close and start again after making changes. Even if you have several tabs opened, it will retain all the tabs opened. It is always recommended to save your tabs.

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Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Extensions are just small add-ons you may download from the Chrome Web Store for extra functionality and features. They can be very helpful most of the time. But each extension eats up some resources and weighs the browser down. If you install several extensions, you will dramatically see the sluggish performance. Though it seems tempting to use different types of extensions, you should consider a balance between added functionality and browsing speed.

If you have plenty of extensions, you can easily remove them or disable them to see which extension is slowing your browser down. You may see a button of extensions on address bar, though some are hidden at the Options menu. Just right click their icons and select “Remove from Chrome” to remove extensions.

You may also go to a list of all the extensions installed on your browser. Click on Options menu, and go to More Tools > Extensions. Uncheck “Enabled” option to disable the extension. If you disable the extension, you can enable it again. Turn the option on again. You can remove it completely. Just click the trash can icon. Hopefully you will see the difference in performance.

Clear Browsing Data

Chrome saves cached texts and URLs of websites you visit while browsing the web. It stores your browsing data like cookies, download history, and other plugin and web cache. It conducts this to speed up the performance by loading resources from hard drive rather than downloading them all the time. However, cache storage becomes too large and slows browser down.

However, clearing history all the time affects the purpose of local cache. You may clear it for privacy reasons or if you have trouble with a specific site. You can clear the whole browsing history or clear history of specific URLs.

Wiping the Entire Browsing History

Go to Options menu and choose More Tools > Clear Browsing Data to wipe the browsing history in full. But it also affects history matches when you type URLs in address bar. Go to “Clear Browsing Data”, choose items you want to remove, and choose the time range like Everything, Yesterday, Today, 1 Week, etc. Click the option “Clear Browsing Data”.

To Remove Only Specific Items

To clear the browsing history for just specific URLs, go to Options menu and choose “History”. Click Options button at the right of the page you want to remove and choose “Remove from History”. If you want to remove several pages, click the check boxes by choosing them at the left of pages. It will show a “Delete” option once you start searching sites. Click “Delete” and remove all the pages selected from browsing history. It will show a dialog box. Simply click “Remove” to delete webpages from the list.

Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

If you are still having problem after these attempts, such as unusual ads, toolbars, startup pages, use Chrome Cleanup tool from Google. It can clean up your browser and make it look and feel like new once again.