Why My Google Play Store Is Not Working on My Android Phone? How to Fix!

Google Play Store is one of the widely used and most overlooked apps on our Android devices as it just serves as a mediator between us and our valuable apps. But it freezes and stops working most of the time.

There is no specific rule to fix the Google Play. So, we have put together a handful of tips to get your app store up and running once more. Let’s get into our nitty-gritty before you wonder how to access Play Store again.

Google Play Store Is Not Working

Be Sure it’s the problem in your end

Before you go through a lot of tricks to fix the issue, be sure that the issue is not on Google’s end. Simply head to any tech forum or any social media account and see if other android users have same issues. If same complaints have been reported, it could be a server problem and you need to wait for it to fix itself.

Force Stop Google Play

Sometimes a quick force stop can fix the problem. Simply swipe the Google Play off on your multitask switcher. Or simply hit “Force Stop” button on Google Play Store by going to Settings > Apps > All.

Turn Airplane Mode on

Don’t know how it works but I have heard many users saying that turning on Airplane Mode and off can recover Google Play Store back. It’s a safe method. Why not you try it now?

Turn Wi-Fi On and Off

Just like in case of Airplane Mode, some people reported Wi-Fi might be the issue. Your network may have connection problems. Simply toggle your Wi-Fi on and off and open Google Play store. You may restart your router, for a while.

Restart Your Device

Modern devices just need a few smacks to work. Though it’s not a real smack, but you can simply reboot your device. Within few minutes, it may fix a lot of problems.

Remove Cache on Google Play Store

Cache memory stores your Google Play data locally and reduces data usage and boost load times. This data shouldn’t be downloaded every time when you open the same page. But sometimes, old data stocks up and it misbehaves sometimes. This is the reason you should clear cache with time.

To remove cache, simply go to Settings and choose “Apps”. Look for Google Play and tap on it. It will have a lot of options. Simply click on “Clear Cache” button.

Remove data on Google Play

Is it not enough to clear the cache? It’s your time to take some bigger steps and clean certain things up. To remove the related data, simply go to Settings and then App Manager. Instead Clear Cache, choose “Clear Data”. It will clear the whole application. It will reset all the settings and you will need to sign in and pick up the data when you open Google Play next time.

Look at the Disabled Apps

Some apps need one another to work well. Especially in case of Google Play and other system apps, it could cause woes if you have disabled any apps.  Simply go to Settings > Apps > All and scroll down. This is where all your disabled apps are listed. If any service is disabled, simply enable it and see if it works.


We just hope all the above methods could help you get Play store up and running again. If it is not so, the problem may be deeper than usual and you need to get in touch with tech support. Have you ever run into Play store problems? How did you fix them? Leave your tips in the comment section below.