How a Refrigerator Works – Technology Explained

The Refrigerator cycle has five components. One is the fluid refrigerant, another is the compressor, which manages the flow of refrigerant, and there is the condenser coil, the evaporator coil, and lastly, the expansion device. Each of the parts works to make your food stay cool even in hot summer months. How does a box cool your food? This is an interesting invention when we think about it.

The technology behind

  • The coolant in the refrigerator is a type of pressurized liquid that goes inside the expansion valve. The sudden drop in the pressure makes it expand and cool. This, in turn, will change it into gas.
  • The coolant will now move around the chiller cabinet with the help of the pipe which is buried in the back of the wall. It boils and will turn it wholly into gas. Then it absorbs takes away the heat from the food which is kept inside.
  • The compressor will squeeze the coolant. This will heighten its temperature and pressure. It is now a gas with high pressure.
  • Now the coolant will go through the thin radiator pipes at the back part of the refrigerator. This will give the heat out and will cool it back into the liquid.
  • The coolant will move back to the insulated cabinet to the valve expansion. This cycle will repeat. So the heat is continuously picked up from the internal part of the refrigerator and put down at the same time externally.

Why does the cooling part take time?

The refrigerators are designed to obey the set of fundamental laws. These are the laws of physics termed as the conversion of energy. The main point is that you will not be able to create energy out of nothing. The energy can be converted into other forms for use. The refrigerator functions by using the heat from the chiller cabinet that contains the cooling fluid. Then it pumps this fluid out of the cabinet. The heat will be released out of this process. Therefore if you take off a certain amount of heat from the inside parts of the fridge, then the same amount of heat appears back. But practically, the heat released is more because the motor is not wholly efficient. It is also releasing heat at this moment. So if the refrigerator door is open, the heat energy is moving from one part of the room to another part where the fridge is kept.

The law of conservation also describes why it takes so much of time to cool the food kept inside the fridge. The food has a lot of water in it. This is made from the molecule’s light in weight. The little amount of water-based liquid has a large number of molecules that take energy to heat or cool. That is why it takes some minutes to boil water. The same principle applies to how water is cooled in the fridge. It takes time to cool.

These are the essential technology in the refrigerator that makes it work in the way it is designed.