How Does A Bottle Warmer Work? The Technology Behind It

Due to the hustles and bustles in the modern world, new parents don’t have enough time to spend with their newborn babies. Because of this, most parents depend on quick formula. Therefore, many parents included one of the items at the top of the shopping list is bottle Warmer. Sometimes, you may need to travel a longer distance for which the mother can maintain sterilized bottles of breast milk. When your baby wants the milk, the mother can give ready-made formula directly or warm the milk safely using a bottle warmer.

Bottle Warmer – Working Method:

Heating Method:

It uses convection typed technology that involves the process of moving the hot water all around the water bottle to transfer the heat from the outside to the inside of the bottle. It has a reservoir that is used to transfer the water into the water chamber where the water the bottle is placed. Since the heating is done continuously, it will result in heating the baby bottle evenly.

Auto Shut off Mechanism:

Soon after the required amount of heating is done, then using an auto shut off mechanism heating process stopped. Here the timer set automatically, which will send the heated water back to the reservoir after the required heating time is accomplished.

Average Warming Time:

An average warming time of the bottle warmer will vary for different heating mechanisms and the convection technology will take about 6 minutes to complete the process.

Bottle Warmer – Different Heating Mechanisms:

There are different models of bottle warmers available on the market. Different warmers will have a particular method of heating by following the instructions. Some bottle warmers will use steam for heat, some will use water baths and some will use the combination of two modes of heating. Such heating mechanism varies in different models of bottle warmer such as water bath method, steam heating, and advanced PTC technology, etc. Some bottle warmers will use advanced technologies and some will use simple methods to heal the contents of the bottle. Thus, there is no universal approach to the warmers exit in the world.

How to buy the best Bottle Warmer?

There are different brands of bottle warmer available on the market from which you have to the right one for your baby. So, you have to check various factors before buying them. The first and foremost thing is checking whether the bottle warmer has a timer on it. You can even check for the bottle warmer will have extra properties of heating the baby food jar. Secondly, you can check that the bottle warmer you are buying has a temperature indicator. If not, you can choose the heating technology bottle warmer which will automatically shut off the heat when the required heat of the baby bottle is done. Check for the user reviews about the different brands of bottle warmers before choosing any brand. When shopping for bottle warmers, it is highly recommended that you use the internet to arrive with the best bottle warmer. Thus, stop your baby from crying, by giving them warm milk heated using the bottle warmer.