How to Add a Comment Box at the Bottom of WordPress Page?

Do you want to add a comment box on your WordPress blog or site page. Let me help you!

According to a web report around 26% websites on internet is powered by WordPress and so far it is the most used CMS around the web. In their old wordpress version they offers self added comment box section in WordPress pages but now in new updates you have to add it. So it is quite common that someone might want to add a comment box option at their blog page to get the opinions of their blog visitors.

By following the below guide you can simply add it:

Step 1: Login into your WordPress blog, edit that page where you want to add comment box.


Step 2: Now on the right side top of your blog edit section you will see “Screen Options”, click on it. There you will see a tab “Discussion” check the box.


Step 3: Now scroll down and come at the end of the page you will see “Discussion tab”. Under their tow options are available Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page. So, you can click on Allow comments box.


Step 4: Now click on update the page. And you can check your page live the comment box will appear.

Finally, I would say that different people have different needs some want to add comment box and some don’t need it.