How To Choose The Non Electric Water Purifier

We want all our family and near and dear ones to stay healthy. As water is a vital component to keep everyone healthy we must have easy access to pure water in our life. Waterborne diseases are not uncommon and can create a lot of health hazards as the water reaches us from multiple sources it may contain all the harmful chemicals and substances that can ruin our health. Industrialization, the addition of pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides get mixed with water. Thus, water needs to be purified before consumption. As we prefer non-electric water purifiers, our weblog will help you select the appropriate non-electric e, eco-friendly water purifier.


Most countries consume a lot of electricity and we tend to get a long bill for the unavoidable use of electricity. However, this issue may not be completely tackled but we can release some loads on our chest by choosing non-electric water purifiers that can give us pure water. There are multiple products in the market; however, we would like to help you with the exact things you have been looking for. Most non-electric purifiers available in the market are based on Ultrafiltration technology.


Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration that is similar to Reverse Osmosis commonly known as RO water purifier. Ultrafiltration uses hydrostatic pressure to force water to pass through the semi-permeable membrane. The pore size is 103-106 Daltons. It is a pressure-driven barrier to suspended solids, viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It produces water with high purity and low slit density. It is best suited for municipal water supply and water with low TDS.

Let’s have a look at other options present in the market and that is the gravity-based water purifier. Gravity based water purifiers do not require electricity instead they use UF or active carbon for purifying water. It consists of three filters:

  1. Microfiber Mess:  This helps in removing sand, mud, and dust from water when water is passed through them.
  2. Activated Carbon Fibre: It removes minute particles, chemical contaminants, and invisible particles. It also removes parasites and pesticides and can eliminate foul odor from water.
  3. Polisher: This makes the water crystal clear by re-filtering it.

The other aspects which can help you choose the non-electric water purifier are as follows:

STORAGE CAPACITY: This is one of the major aspects to look at that is the storage capacity. The non-electric water purifiers with bigger storage tanks are the best. You may find, gravity-based water purifiers come with dual storage tanks. One is for storing raw water while the other will store purified water.

BODY MATERIAL: Instead of falling for its beautiful color, we would like you to check the material is leakproof or not. You must see if the brand has mentioned plastic quality or not. Do remember, you must buy an ABS-food grade plastic that is unbreakable.

CHEMICAL-FREE WATER: The last thing you want will be chemicals in your glass of water. However, Ultra Filtration assures you to provide chemical-free purified water.

CLEANING: Last, not the least, cleaning of the water purifier you choose is a must, it is recommended to clean it every 10-15 days. UF can be cheaper in maintenance than other purifiers.


The best part of non-electric purifiers is they are compact and are easily transferable, they work great with soft water, made from food-grade plastic, providing you pure water to drink.