How to Delete Apps from iCloud?

The data from the apps you buy from App store actually take up much space in your iCloud storage, not the app itself.  However, you can remove app data manually from iCloud storage. Simply go to Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad or Storage options in your desktop.

In addition, you cannot delete the apps from App Store account. But you can also hide the app from “Purchase” page if they shouldn’t be displayed. Along with it, these also won’t take enough space on iCloud as you can store them on Apple’s servers.

Delete Apps from iCloud

Steps to Delete App Data from iCloud using iOS

  • Look for gear icon to open Settings menu on the home screen.
  • Tap iCloud to open the page with several options related to it and it will prompt you to enter if you are not signed in already.
  • If prompted, enter into your account. Now write Apple ID and password and simply tap on “Sign In”. You may want to disable iCloud syncing by toggling the sliders with certain Apple services on the page. It can help you save a lot of space according to which service can be disabled.
  • Tap on Storage. It will display the amount of storage left as well as the total storage on your iCloud.
  • Now go to Manage Storage. It will direct you to the list of apps which are taking up iCloud storage with their data along with device backup list.
  • View the storage data by tapping an app. These are mentioned in “Documents & Data” header.
  • It will show up the options to delete each data item which is listed under “Edit” section.
  • The “Delete” button appears on left side of each data for the app. Tap “Delete” button again which asked you to confirm that you want to remove the data. You may also select “Delete All” at the bottom to remove all the data for the desired app.
  • Tap “Back” button to get back to the “Manage Storage” section to manage backups or other apps.
  • View backup data by tapping your device. It is listed in “Backups” section and it will display the name which is set for the device.
  • Tap on the option “Show all Apps”. It will show up the entire list of local app data which has been stored in iCloud. The app data uses the amount of space which is listed in app name. It is the data which is used when it comes to restore the device with iCloud and it won’t affect the data which is stored on your device currently.
  • Tap the slider with the app to remove the data from iCloud backup. Or you can select the option ‘Delete Backup” to clear all the backup data on iCloud account. If any of the automatic backup is enabled, then the apps which are toggled on will have data stored on the iCloud account for backups on the next backup.

Method 2 – Delete App Data from iCloud using Mac

  • The Apple Menu is positioned on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Go to “System Preferences”. It can also be launched from the quick launch bar directly.
  • Go to iCloud to enter iCloud preferences menu.
  • Click on “Manage” button on the bottom right corner. It will show you the backups and list of apps using space on iCloud. Click ‘Sign in” and log in with Apple ID and password if you are not signed in.
  • Choose the app on the right panel.
  • Press Cmd ⌘ + click to choose items from list.
  • Hit “Delete” button on the bottom left corner of display panel to remove the data items for a specific app. Or you may select “Delete All” to remove all the data from this app.