How to Fix Android “Can’t Play this Video” Error?

Smartphone is literally the best device to have the pleasure of watching your favorite videos and movies. It also meets the desires of streaming online videos also. You may use many Android apps to get unmatched experience of videos on your mobile device. But, sometimes, it displays error messages like “video file cannot play” or “Can’t Play this Video” while enjoying your videos. In that case, you may wonder what to do and how to resolve this error. In this post, we will discuss how to fix this error permanently.

Why “Can’t Play This Video” Error Occurs?

Can't Play this Video

There must be some problems with video file due to which this error message occurs. However, the problem is mostly in your battery which is running out while streaming the videos on your device. When you open the video, it displays an error message due to some other reasons. In that case, here’s what you can do with the file and how to resolve the video error.

If the Problem in Video Playback

Sometimes, the problem is in video player or video playback on WhatsApp. This way, you may try and uninstall G+ updates. It is because there is an unusual connection between video playback and Google Plus app. Google Plus updates mostly modifies your device’s system files and it causes the conflict. So, inspect the video file format and be sure that it has dot (.) extension.

To remove G+ updates, simply go to Settings and tap on Application Manager > Google Plus app > Uninstall updates.

If the Problem in YouTube Streaming

A simple reboot can fix this issue in YouTube streaming. You may also check network connectivity issues.

You can easily fix the problem by clearing cache. Simply head to Settings > App Manager > YouTube > Clear Cache. You may also remove Twitter app, restart device and check if YouTube videos are being played well. For Facebook and other streaming services, don’t enable video playback only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

If you Have Android Lollipop and above…

If there is a problem in online streaming and/or video playback services like YouTube, you may try this method. Simply go to Settings > About Phone. Tap on Build version 7 times and unlock Developers option in setting. In developer options, simply scroll down and head to Use Awesome Player (deprecated) under media and enable it. If it is enabled already, disable it. Restart your device and see if it is fixed.

Using Third Party Solution

Here, we will tell you how to fix the error “Can’t Play this Video” on android with the help of a third-party app, MP4 Fix Video Repair tool. Before starting the process, you need to download it from Google Play store. Simply follow these steps –

  • Head to Google Play store.
  • In Search Panel, type MP4 Fix Video Repair tool and wait for it to load the results. First result must be this app. Find the right result if it is not shown in first result.
  • Tap on Install button to download and install the app on your device.

You will also have to use a Reference video along with this app which should be stored on the same device. This app is used to repair corrupt video file. Here’s how to fix the error “Can’t Play this Video” on your device.

  • Launch the MP4 Fix Video Repair Tool app on your device. It will display all the videos saved on your device.
  • It will show 3 vertical dots at the top right corner.
  • Tap on them and open a popup out of which you can “Select Broken Video” file
  • It will open another display where you need to pick the broken file by tapping on Gallery.
  • Choose the video file over there.
  • When the file is selected, you need to choose reference video. Simply click on “Change” option to do so.
  • You will enter that page again where you had to choose broken video.
  • Select Reference Video from there.
  • Now choose both of the video files and click Repair. Now leave the rest of the job to this app. It will start the repair process. Wait till it is 100% repaired.
  • Once it repairs the video successfully, it will display the message “Video Repaired”. It will also display Play option on the same display. Simply tap on “Play” button to play that broken or corrupt video file.


With these processes, you can instantly fix the error “Can’t Play this video file”. These above processes are a lot easier.