Instagram APK MOD Latest Version Download for Android 2018

Instagram is one of the top growing social media platform in India and all around the world. Instagram is a media platform that allows the user to post pictures and videos. Nowadays, Instagram is also a medium for advertisement too.

Almost every user use Instagram to share images and videos that are trending on the social media. However, unlike other social media platform’s Instagram does not allow users to download the images posted on Instagram. But, the all-new Instagram MOD apk provides many features that official Instagram does not provide

Instagram MOD apk features

  • Official Instagram does not allow the user to download any videos or images under any circumstances. But, the Instagram MOD apk provides the user the option to download images and videos posted on the Instagram platform.
  • Instagram MOD apk provides the user option to translate any languages to the preferred language.
  • Instagram MOD apk allows the user to copy comments posted by any other users.
  • The app allows Instagram members to change themes of the home screen
  • The app allows users to zoom in/ zoom out pictures.
  • The app also allows users to manage two Instagram accounts on the same device
  • The new Instagram MOD apk plays audio and video automatically.
  • The Instagram MOD apk comes with a feature that notifies the user the number of notification received.
  • The app also comes with no limit on the number of characters in the description.

Pre- requisite

  • Rooted/Non—Rooted Android OS
  • Minimum 512 Mb RAM
  • Minimum 150 Mb internal memory
Last Update was on January 9th, 2018
Version 1.30
Minimum OS requirement Android 4.3 and above
File size 40 Mb approx.
Total number of download/users 5 Million +

Step by step procedure to install Instagram MOD apk

Step 1: Click here to download the Instagram MOD apk.

Step 2: Now you will have to change the device settings, go to your device privacy and security setting option and enable installation from “Unknown sources”

Step 3: Now, navigate to the downloaded files folder and open the Instagram MOD apk installation file.

Step 4: After successful installation, enter your credentials and log in to your account.

Now you can enjoy all the features that were never available on the official Instagram application.

Instagram MOD apk does not require Rooted Android OS. You can install this application on any device with an Android OS with the version above 4.0.

All the details mentioned above were collected from various websites.