Why is My iPhone not Connecting to Wi-Fi? How to Fix It!

So your iPhone is showing Wi-Fi but not connecting to it and you are wondering why. Maybe your partner’s iPhone connects, your PC connects, or no devices are connecting at all. There are chances that your iPhone connects to all networks excluding one, or it may not connect to any Wi-Fi network at all.

In this post, we will discuss exactly why your iPhone is showing error when you try to connect to Wi-Fi and explain how to fix this conflict, whether it’s with your wireless router or your iPhone.

The first question you might have in mind is – Will my device connect to any network or causing trouble to only one network?

First of all you need to test your iPhone to another Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have anyone else’s device to test on, visit your nearest Wi-Fi zone like Starbucks café, your friend’s house or supermarket to connect their Wi-Fi. Most of the time, it connects. It is the first option to diagnose the issue.

iPhone not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If your iPhone is connected, the phone hardware is fine. There is a conflict between your wireless router and your iPhone. If your iPhone is still not connecting to any other wireless network, remove all the Wi-Fi networks saved on your device. If it still doesn’t work, diagnose your hardware issues.

The Easiest Way to Start

Restart both your Wi-Fi router and your iPhone, if you haven’t done it earlier.

  • To restart your iPhone, press the power button and hold it until it shows the option “slide to power off”. Slide across the display and wait for it to turn off. It may take up to 15 seconds to turn off. Now, hold the power button until it shows an Apple logo on screen.
  • To restart your Wi-Fi router, we will recommend a bit of technical trick. Just pull out the power cord from the wall and plug it in again.

Once your router reboots, reconnect your device to Wi-Fi. If it works, there was an issue with router’s firmware (built-in software). If you don’t know how Wi-Fi works, let me tell you. Your Wi-Fi router basically uses the same hardware to provide wireless connectivity. But it uses different software and it varies from model to model.

Just like on your PC and iPhone, the software in your Wi-Fi router may crash. The router also broadcasts the Wi-Fi network. But sometimes, the built-in program when your device tries to connect. If the wireless router is fixed after resetting it, check the official manufacturer’s website for any update available for your router’s software. Updates may fix bugs and prevent the issues.

Conflicts with Wi-Fi Network and iPhone

Like any other device, your iPhone remembers all the networks they have connected to earlier, along with passwords for all. Our iPhone automatically connect to our Wi-Fi router at home. One of the best things about iPhone is that it is very simple, but limited in terms of ability to go under the hood to fix the issue. Unlike PC or Mac, iPhone doesn’t display the Wi-Fi networks saved over the years. It allows you to forget a Wi-Fi network. But you need to connect to it.

When Your Device Connects to All Networks, But Not One

In that case, it is not simple to diagnose the problem, particularly in your Apple store. The customer usually cannot reproduce the matter as it happens only at home. A technician may provide some basic tips like reset some settings and hope for the best. Before we go deeper, your iPhone is not connecting to your Wi-Fi router as there is a problem with your router or your phone. You can easily diagnose the problem with iPhone.

Turn Wi-Fi Off and On

One quick fix is turning your Wi-Fi off and on quickly when your iPhone doesn’t show connectivity to Wi-Fi. It’s like restarting your iPhone. It gives a fresh start to your iPhone and another chance to make a clean connection. Go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi. Then tap the toggle next to Wi-Fi on the menu. Wait for a second and toggle Wi-Fi back on.

Completely Reset Your Device’s Database

Now, you need to completely reset the database of your iPhone’s Wi-Fi networks. It resolves the matter most of the time and removes the chances of conflict on your device. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

Now you will need to reconnect to all the Wi-Fi networks and enter passwords once more. Be sure to remember important passwords before you start. After your device restarts, try and reconnect to your Wi-Fi router. If it still is not connecting, check your Wi-Fi router.