How to Make Your Phone Number Private?

Do you have your mobile number linked to several social media accounts? There are chances that you may end up making your phone number visible to the public. As you know, showing up your phone number in public may land you in trouble.

All of us have to call many people in our daily life and most of them may be almost unknown to us. Showing up your personal number to an unknown person may cause various incidents of malicious attacks and threat. So, it is very important to block your caller ID to keep your phone number private.

Here are the few methods to keep your 10-digit phone number displaying as “Private Number” to everyone you are going to call.

How to Make Your Phone Number Private

Use a USSD Code to Block Caller ID

You are allowed to enter a code before dialing a number in many countries so your phone number will appear as “Private Number” and can be blocked from appearing on their caller ID. The code varies as per the service provider and the country. Well, you cannot do this in all countries. Simply enter the code followed by the 10-digit number you are dialing. For example, if you want to call (555)123-4567 in the US, you may like to enter *675551234567.

Here are the codes based on countries –

  • North America – #31# or *67
  • Germany – #31# or *31
  • Argentina, Switzerland, Iceland, South Africa – *31*
  • Albania, Denmark, Australia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway – #31#
  • Hong Kong – 133
  • Japan – 184
  • Ireland and UK – 141
  • New Zealand – *67 (Vodafone) or 0197 (Telecom)
  • Australia – #31# or 1831
  • India – *31# – Make sure it is allowed by Network
  • If your country is not in this list, you may use either #31# or *67. However, most GSM networks allow #31#.

Get in Touch with Your Carrier

If you want to block all your phone calls permanently, you should get in touch with your network operator to set up permanent blocking of Caller ID. Basically, they will charge a minimal fee for it and the terms will also vary by carrier.

  • Most of the prepaid plans are not going to enable permanent blocking of Caller ID
  • Indian users should enable blocking service before using the blocking prefix.
  • Some people have enabled Anonymous Call Rejection. So, there are chances that your call will not be received unless you call from other number.
  • To make unblocked call if you have set up a block on all the calls, enter the unblocking codes before the phone number. Here are some of these –
    • Ireland – 142
    • Australia – 1832
    • UK – 1470
    • New Zealand -*82 (Vodafone) or 0196 (Telecom)
    • North America – *82
    • Hong Kong – 1357
    • Japan – 186
    • Various GSM mobile networks – *31#

Hide Your Number Using Device Settings

In most smartphones, you can block your Caller ID simply by changing the device settings. If you couldn’t find the option to do this in your device, it means it is not provided by your network operator. If it has, simply follow one of these steps –

  • On iPhone – Go to Settings, tap Phone, tap on Show My Caller ID, and toggle it on.
  • On Android 4.0 and older – Go to Settings app, go to Call, tap Caller ID under Additional Settings, and then “Hide Number”
  • On Android 4.1 and later – Go to Phone app, hit the Menu button, tap on “Caller ID” under Call Settings, and tap “Hide Number”
  • Blackberry – Click Options in Menu Key, go to “General options”, and find the field “Restrict my Identity” and set it to Always.
  • Windows Phone – Go to Phone app, tap the button (…) and tap “Settings”. Now select from “No one” or “my contacts” under “Show my Caller ID to” box.