Make Your Garden Look Elegant With Lattice Trellis Fence

Trellis fencing is extremely popular and dates back to Roman times, where it was used to decorate and divide outdoor environments. Nowadays it is not only used for security, and privacy purposes but it also used to add a decorative touch to your garden. Lattice Trellis is an excellent way that provides more privacy even without blocking out light completely.Trellises are supporting structures for plants and can be constructed by running wire or string between two poles. It saves space in the vegetable garden by allowing gardeners to grow plants such as peas, beans, squash, and melons.The lattice becomes a trellis when it is used to support plants.

The lattice trellis comes in a variety of sizes and shapes that form the perfect screen for your interior and exterior.  You can get the perfect Lattice trellis fence installation for your home to give you a feeling of both safety and comfort.

Benefits of Trellis

  • Plant Support

The simplest use of a trellis in the garden is for support of plants that grow with support. The trellis encourages the plants to grow upward instead of growing along the ground. Trellises come in various shapes, such as rectangular, or a fan shape which is narrow at the base and grows wider at the top.

  • Maintain Privacy

A large trellis comes with small gaps between the slats that offer an option for privacy. Position of the trellis structure in the garden blocks the area you want to hide like the seating area in your garden. For this, you can set up the trellis between the seating and your neighbour’s house. Its privacy structure will prevent others from looking into your yard and will also help in blocking an unpleasant view such as a road or commercial building.

  • Decorative Border

A trellis structure is best to define the border of a garden area. You can set up the trellis along the back edge of your garden to create the border. You can install a short trellis around the entire garden area as a decorative fence. Trellis material isn’t as strong as a traditional fence, but it may help keep small animals out of your garden to protect the plants.

Trellises Made From Lattice

Modern lattice fences are the best for balcony, garden walls as such type of fence look elegant and offer better privacy. It ensures protection against too much sunlight while keeping a good air circulation. Wood lattice is also used as a simple trellis that stands on its own in the garden.

Lattice is a structure made from crossed strips of material and is well-suited to making trellises as it can be cut into any size. They are built into frames of the desired size and can be attached to the back of the frame. Like free-standing trellises, it functions as a support for climbing plants and growing plants.

Strong trellis offers great support for beautiful climbing plants, such as roses, making a charming and elegant look in your garden. You should definitely look for the best lattice trellis fence which looks more stylish and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fencing.