Mixer Grinder Vs Stand Mixer: Which Is Best?

Nowadays, there were many products introduced to cut the work of human being. Such home appliances play a vital part in the day today’s life. Mixer Grinder and stand grinder also such appliances, which you can see every kitchen as crucial appliances. Let us discuss the uses of Mixer Grinder and Stand Mixer here.

Mixer Grinder:

This electrical appliance seems like the most user-friendly machine effectively by all home-makers. From various brands of mixer grinder, selecting the best seems to be a daunting task. It is necessary to look at their features before choosing the best quality mixer grinder. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of mixer grinder:


Variety of Food:

With mixer grinder, you can able to prepare various stuff such as grinding different types of chutney recipes and preparing milkshakes and ice creams as well. Even you can able to prepare delicious juices and shakes for breakfast.

Different Speeds:

You can able to change the different speeds according to the requirements. You can prepare them just in few minutes.

Easy to Handle:

A mixer grinder is the best appliances that can able handled easily without any practice or guidance. With their wonderful features, you can easily make varieties of food.

Affordable Price:

Another advantage of buying a mixer grinder is that it is budget-friendly. You can get from the market at an affordable price.



The sound of the mixer grinder is irritating when your family members are sleeping in your home, it disturbs them when you grind using mixer grinder.

Sharp Blades:

It is manufactured with sharp blades to grind your ingredients, thus need to handled carefully while washing. Also, keeping them away from children is another important thing to followed by parents.

Stand Mixer:

A stand mixer is specifically designed to handle the heavy-duty chores such as kneading bread, blending flour into dough and a lot more things. If you want to buy the stand mixer, you should check some features and check the price coming under your budget.


Manual Handling and Motor:

Stand mixers manufactured in such a way that, it doesn’t require any manual handling. Stand mixers got larger motor which guarantees you, effective mixing and more power as well.


Stand mixers gained attention from the people due to its easy way if handling them.

Performance and Efficiency:

Stand mixers helping in the most helpful way to homemaker by saving their time in cooking a lot. Performance of the stand mixer is good and thus, attracted home-makers to make use of it.



Stand mixers come in different sizes, but the still heavier all-metal mixer is much durable when compared to the light-weight mixer of plastic material.


This is another problem with stand mixers, as to serve a number of people you have to go for a 7-quart bowl stand mixer. This is very tall and occupies a lot of space in your kitchen.

Conclusion: It depends on the needs of the people who must go with any one of the above appliances. As both have their advantages and disadvantages as well, you should choose the one that has to fulfil your cooking need.