Why is My Motorola Moto E4 Plus not Charging? Here to fix it!

Having 5.5-inch display has been the standard in latest smartphones. To keep this large display running all day long, a larger battery is required. Due to this reason, your Moto E4 Plus also comes with large battery to keep it turned on for a few days according to the way you are going to use it. Heavy and processor-extensive apps also drain battery life.

Games and apps which require Wi-Fi, GPS or cellular data also use a lot of juice and lead your device to heat up and discharge quickly. If it happens too frequently, it means your battery life is getting short and it will lead a lot of problems. Not charging is the most common issue which occurs more often. But you can tackle this issue with this troubleshooting guide.

Motorola Moto E4 Plus not Charging

Method 1 – Hard Reboot

The moment you connect your phone to the charger and it stops responding, you should check if it’s a firmware problem. Firmware is the main problem in the charging process. If it crashes, your device may not be able to charge properly and not respond. So, it is vital to force restart first.

You may, hopefully, fix minor issues in hardware and system, such as blank screen and crashes with forced reboot. Simply press and hold Volume Up and Power key for just 10 seconds and start the usual boot process. Reboot the phone and plug it in to the charger and connect your device to see if it is charging. Do force reboot again if it is not charging. Do it when your device is connected. If it is still not fixed, go to next step.

Method 2 – Check the Charger

Usually, the charging adapter gives up to 5 to 9 volts of energy for smartphones and it is ranging from 0.5 to 2 amperes, until it is mentioned on the label. Usually, you can try connecting other phone to your charger and see if it is charging normally if it detects the current on their circuits.  The charger is okay if it is charging normally. Now go to the next step.

You can physically check your charger if other devices are not charging with it. But port is the most important thing in your device. Be sure to check if there is lint, dust, debris, or corrosion. Blow the lint and debris out of the port or simply give it compressed air to remove them. You can use a Q tip with alcohol to deal with the corrosion. Look out for connectors or bent pins as it might be the reason behind not charging the device. You may want to straighten it, be sure to avoid damage.

Method 3 – Check USB Cable

If your other devices are getting charged with power adapter but your Moto E4 is not charging, you need to check USB cable. Simply run the fingers to feel if it has any breaks or bumps. Check both ends of the cable for lint, debris, corrosion, and bent. Connect your cable to laptop or computer if you have. Hence, there are chances that cable is not working well or broken. If your device is detected and recognized by computer, cable is okay. If it is unable to detect device, use other USB cable.

Method 4 – Inspect Charging Port

If both your USB cable and charger are okay but your device is not charging. There must be problem in its charging port. Check for lint, debris, bent pins or corrosion. You may use tweezers to fix the bent pins but be careful to avoid damaging it.  Also watch out for liquid damage. Sometimes water gets into the port and causes these types of problems. If it has liquid damage, bring it to the Motorola service center for diagnose and repair.