Why is My Motorola Moto G5 Plus not Charging? Here to fix it!

Both Moto G5 and G5 Plus are the newest budget models by Motorola. But they still face battery and power issues like other phones. There is nothing more painful than being without our device for long time period. Devices by Moto often face trouble in charging and charging slowly. There are different options to fix this issue, despite the fact that it is very annoying.

If you are having trouble with not charging or slow charging issues in your Moto G5, you may definitely want to try one of these solutions before device goes unusable. Here’s what to do when your Moto G5 Plus is not charging.

Method 1 – Change the Charging Method

Your current charging method may be one of the common problems if you are still having trouble with Moto G5 Plus which won’t charge or charging slowly. For example, if you plug in your device to your laptop or computer through USB cable, you may like to connect to wall socket for faster charging. Users may also try charging their phone on their car.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus not Charging

Wireless charging has been the latest standard as it provides a lot faster charge as compared to traditional methods. Check and ensure that the wall charger is fine and it supports the device you want to charge. The charging speed of third party chargers also varies. So, it is better to use the charger which comes with your device for faster charging speed. You will want to buy a new charger which is made for your device.

Method 2 – Clean up the USB Port of your Moto G5

The hardware of your device may be responsible so your device is not charging. It is the common fix for the problem. Take your time to clean up the USB port of your device as there are chances that dust, dirt, or oil may build up over time and it can keep the metallic surfaces in the micro USB port unable to charge your device with proper flow of current and it may hinder the charging speed that you want.

In order to clean up the USB port, first turn off the device for safety reasons. If possible, remove the battery and use anything small like toothpick to clean up the port on the inside. Be sure to do it with care and go gently before you place back the battery and start the phone. In most cases, this simple trick fixes the devices and their charging issues. If it is still not resolved, go to the next step.

Method 3 – Check for Damages in Power Adapter

If your Moto G5 Plus is not charging, it is one of the most common solutions. If power adapter is damaged, it may charge your device slowly and device may not charge at all in most cases. You can check the power adapter to find out the temporary issues on it. These issues might prevent the adapter from providing power supply.

If your charging adapter is damaged and your device is charging slowly or not charging at all, you may want to buy a new one.  If your charging adapter is fine, it won’t have any problem with charging time. Also try it with different devices so you can figure out whether Moto G5 has any problem.

Inspect USB Charging Cable

If your device is charging slowly or not charging, be sure to check USB charging cable. You may repair it yourself or buy a new charging cable. Check the cable for any kind of dust or lint inside which might be causing trouble to the device. If cable is flimsy, it may have shorter lifespan.