Why Is My Connection Not Private in Chrome? Here’s the Fix!

While surfing the web using Google Chrome, you see an error message “This Connection is not private”. Don’t ignore it because it is a sign that you are doing much sensitive and personal stuff on the web. It may cause leakage or loss of your private data if the connection is not private.  And it can be easy for hackers to steal your private information or data.

The reason behind this error is insecure SSL connection between your server and your system. There are chances that SSL certificate may be expired. Or the error takes place when you open web pages starting with https, instead HTTP. In this guide, we will teach you simple steps to avoid this error.

My Connection Not Private in Chrome

Change System Date and Time

The first step to apply is to set or change the date and time of your system properly. The time and date can be the main issue behind insecure connection error. Simply move the cursor to Date & Time icon from System Tray. Right click on it and choose “Adjust Date/Time” to enter the detail window.

Choose the Time and Date of the system and change if it is not correct. Also set the time zone of your system for proper date and time.

Once it is set, close all the windows, refresh your PC and open any webpage in the Chrome browser. You will hopefully not get any error about your connection privacy again. If it still not works, look at the second solution below.

Clear Cache and Cookies on Chrome

There must be plenty of site cookies stored on the Chrome browser. This is the reason it is showing error. You may not have cleared the cache for a longer period. It may also be the reason behind the error.

To remove cache and cookies, simple go to Settings by clicking (…) three vertical dots. Now go below and select “Advanced Settings” and press Clear Browsing history option.

It will show up an option to clear the data. Check the boxes of text highlighted. Now click “Clear Browsing Data” button. Close Chrome and refresh the system once all cache and cookies are cleared. Now open the required website. Hopefully, it will fix the error.

Kill Chrome Tasks

Terminate all the tasks in the Chrome browser to avoid this error to take place. Simply follow these steps –

  • Type CMD in Start menu.
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type this command – TASKKILL/IM chrome.exe/F
  • It will terminate all the Chrome tasks.
  • Now open the browser and open your webpage in secure internet connection

Add “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Chrome Shortcut

Create a Chrome shortcut to ignore this certificate error and give you safe and error-free browsing. It is another thing you can try.

On Chrome’s Desktop Shortcut, right click and go to Properties. Add “-ignore-certificate-errors” in Target section at the end of text. And now press Apply and Ok.

Close the window and open the webpage you like. It will be done with no error. Hopefully, this solution will help you to get rid of private connection error in Chrome browser.

Try and Open in Incognito Mode

To open incognito window, press “Ctrl+Shift+N” combination on your keyboard. Or simply go to Menu (three vertical dots) and click on “New Incognito Window”. Now visit the website and see if it opens well. If not, there must be an extension causing the error.

  • On the top right corner, click menu and select Settings.
  • On the left pane of the window, select “Extensions”. It will show a list of extensions you have downloaded.
  • See if any extension is causing error with SSL connection. Once you find it, disable it by un-checking the box of Enable.