Why is My OnePlus 5 Not Charging Properly? Here’s The Fix!

Have you bought OnePlus 5 phablet and bothered by some charging issues, such as failure in full charging or overheating while charging?

You may try different basic fixes like –

  • Make sure the cable/charger is connected well to the device and the outlet.
  • Try a different cable/charger or power source. If the problem is still not resolved, please get in touch with the service center.
  • Please keep in mind that prolonged use of third-party adapter may damage the battery life of your device or void your warranty.

Your OnePlus 5 Battery Not Fully Charged

In general, battery charging process undergoes three stages –

  • Fast charging
  • Constant charging
  • Trickle charging

OnePlus 5 not charging

When your device battery reaches 80%, it will get into trickle charge mode. Trickle current charge is the final stage in the charging process as well as the battery will be charged slowly in this period. The phone battery may be mistakenly considered fully charged by some battery test program in this stage. Hence, automatic charge protection will affect the charging process of your device. Simply follow these steps if it is the case:

This way –

  • Check to see if your battery is drained totally. After shutting down for the first time, wait for one or two minutes. See if you can turn on the device again.
  • Plug in your device to the charger. Full charge the device when it is turned off and start it.

If any of these steps don’t fix the problem, there are chances that your device’s battery is defective. Here, you need to get in touch with service centre or ask for professional help in repair store.

Your OP5 Doesn’t Charge When Battery is 82% Charged

There must be something wrong in charging cable and the charger. Please replace charging cable and another charger instead. You may purchase a new charger at a reputed online store or official OP5 store.  Keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends official charging cable and charger to charge the device.

There are chances that battery hasn’t been activated. You need to discharge the battery and let the device to turn off automatically. Full charge the device battery. If the problem still continues, repeat this operation.

Your OnePlus 5 Device Displays Error “Device Temperature Too Low” while Charging

Be sure to charge your device with another adapter to find out if error still continues. If it still shows the error, go to Settings and reset to factory settings. To reset your device go through these steps –

  • Enter device Settings
  • Go to Back up & Reset
  • Choose Backup My Data
  • Go to Factory Data Reset
  • Select “Erase Internal Storage” and
  • Reset Phone

Don’t forget to backup all the important data first since all the data will be removed in the process.

If all of the solutions didn’t work, there must be a motherboard issue. Please get in touch with OnePlus service center.

OnePlus 5 Device Overheating when You Start Charging

OnePlus 5 charges extremely fast thanks to OnePlus’ patented technology, Dash Charging. It is almost like your normal charging. However, the current flow has been raised to 7AMP. Since 7amps is seriously high for a device, it is important for R&D team to think of it. It is common that the device heats but it affects the battery life. Here are the steps to keep your device from overheating while charging –

Enable Flight Mode while Charging

Be sure all the networks are turned off so your device will not do anything. It will keep the phone idle and charge faster and keep your phone battery from draining.

Try a Normal Charger 

Use a charger that comes with power range from 700mA to 2.1amps. It won’t cause any harm to your battery. It will charge your device slowly. Simply charge it with normal charger if you are not in a hurry. Charge your OnePlus 5 with the cable you use.

Close any process or app running in the background 

Simply clear all the apps running and don’t use your device while charging. Be sure to close all the apps running. We hope it has fixed the overheating problem in your OnePlus 5