Why is My OnePlus 6 Not Charging? How to fix it?

Do you own an OnePlus 6 device? Are you facing a device not charging issue? Do not worry; we could help you find a solution to your issue. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions mentioned below.

After a few months of launching the device, customers started reporting this issue all over the world. However, this does not mean the device is not worth; few models seem to face this issue. This could be due to several different reasons, but not all of them could be easily solved, few of the issues require professional servicing. Here is how you could solve few of the common issues.

Troubleshooting charging problems in OnePlus 6

The one thing you should remember is that charging issues could arise due to several reasons. I personally had an issue with my device. However, I could solve it just by following some instructions I received from a friend.

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If your device is connected to the charger through a charging cable and if, the device does not detect the charger. You will have to plug the cable to your personal computer and note the following things as a basic step.

  • Check if your personal computer detects the device.
  • Check if the device detects the personal computer plug in and if it is charging. However, the charging will not be, as fast as, normal charging.

If you find your OnePlus device charging in the above-mentioned situation, you could conclude that the charging cable and the device are working fine, but the trouble is with the charger. On the other hand, if the charging does not happen while connected to the personal computer or if the personal computer does not detect the device. You could simply conclude that the charging cable or the device has some issues.

According to your conclusion based on the above situation, you could simply switch the charging cable or the charger, in order, to solve the issue. However, if you find the device still not charging after the above-mentioned changes, then here are some things you should consider.

  • If the battery is completely drained up, it could take some time for the device to switch on and display that it is charging. So, wait for half an hour.
  • Pick up the device while it is still plugged into the charger or the personal computer and try holding your device at different angles. It is best recommended that you do this procedure while the cable is plugged into the personal computer. If the personal computer detects the device when holding at any angle, you could conclude that your OnePlus 6 has a loose USB port. Under this situation, you will have to visit an authorized service center and ask for a USB port change.

The above-mentioned are the most common issues that could often result in a device not charging. We have also mentioned the common troubleshooting to those issues. If none of it could help you, consider reading the below-mentioned things.

  1. Check if the device is physically damaged or water did not penetrate its internal circuits. This could be done just through visual inspection. However, if you find any of these types of issues, the only way to repair the device is to consult with the service center nearby.
  2. If your device is still switched on, try charging the device after rebooting the device.
  3. If the device is switched on, try formatting the device. In some instances, the device software could develop some issues and the device will not display that it is charging. Factory reset could solve such issues.

If none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting helped, then it is best recommended that you consult a professional or visit the nearby service center. If your device is under the warranty period, you could be eligible for free replacement or service.