Why Is My Playstation Network Not Working? Here’s Possible Issue

Followed by DDoS attack on the PlayStation network, PSN is not back to normal yet. Most of the PlayStation gamers still facing issue in connecting to its online services.  The network is displayed online on the official PlayStation network status page. However, they also show a warning about ‘intermittent connectivity’ on the service.

High volume may be the major conflict in some latency. On PSN services, you may still be experiencing problems. Please consult with Contact Support to restore the problem.

Sony said that the owners who are still unable to connect to PSN services could fix this issue. They need to tweak their MTU settings. According to a tweet, it might not be needed with a fix on their end. If you are having trouble, you may give a try to MTU settings. It is not that hard.

Playstation Network Not Working

Recently, Sony has made few updates to the network due to which PS4 owners can sign in without having to change MTU settings, according to the tweet by PlayStation Support. There are two methods below to make changes –

Method 1

  • Go to Settings and choose the option “Set up Internet Connection” on Network menu.
  • Choose either LAN Cable or Wi-Fi.
  • On next screen, select “Easy” option.
  • Now choose Wi-Fi network and put password
  • Choose Next to proceed
  • Go to Network menu and check Internet Connection to find out if sign-in is successful or not.

Method 2

  • Go to Network Menu in Settings and select “Set up Internet Connection”
  • Choose either LAN cable or Wi-Fi (choose Wi-Fi network and add password)
  • On Next screen, select Custom
  • Now choose your normal settings for Automatic or IP Address if it is unknown.
  • If unknown, choose your settings for Do Not Specify or DHCP Host Name
  • Go to normal DNS settings or Automatic
  • For MTU settings, select Automatic
  • Choose “Next” to proceed.
  • Choose your settings for Do Not Use or Proxy Server if it is unknown.
  • Go to Network menu; check Internet connection to see if you can successfully sign in to PSN.

Followed by few ongoing outages since Christmas, PlayStation Network Services have been restored now. But there are some PS4 users who are still unable to connect to PSN network. We may try a temporary fix for you.

Some users were still not able to sign in even after making changes in the systems, as recommended by the official tweet from PlayStation Support. However, this fix was brought to the users by Chuck Davis and Digital Dejavu. Some users successfully signed into PSN.

Users made a handful of internet connection changes on their console’s Settings but the procedure may not work in all systems. First of all, go to Network menu and choose “Set Up Internet Connection” option. Now choose “Custom” under Connection Type and connect to the web. In each screen prompt, choose custom, except for MTU and set it 1473 when asked. Now save your settings and exit. Hopefully, it will resolve the problem and sign into PSN after making those changes.

Keep in mind that making change to MTU parameters from the default 1500 is only a temporary solution for connectivity to PSN and you need to revert back to the previous settings once it completely restores the network. According to the PlayStation Support, users may experience some latency because of high volume. So, it is recommended for the users to contact support if they are still having problems in PSN services. Both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live have suffered connectivity problems on December last year