Why Won’t My Snapchat Open & Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most widely used social networking and messaging app for iOS and Android platform. It has achieved millions of active users per day and it literally gives strong competition to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Each app has some negative points. So, in this post, we are going to fix the Snapchat which keeps on crashing and not opening.

There are chances that you are using Snapchat for a long time now. Is your app crashing a lot and won’t open? If so, you are not alone as there are lots of users who have same problem with Snapchat app. Many people have reported that their Snapchat app is not opening. To be clear, this is a very common issue in most Android phones and you may find the solution here in this post, hopefully. If you are unable to get the most of Snapchat filters and save great stories on your phone, don’t get upset.

Steps to Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Issue

Snapchat Not Working

It is the first and most common issue when it comes to use Snapchat. This problem has been reported mostly by Android users. On the other side, iOS users have been least vulnerable to this problem. Here are the steps to fix Snapchat won’t open issue on Android –

  • First of all we need to open Android smartphone
  • Now go to Settings and choose the Application Manager
  • Now you need to browse and choose Snapchat app from the list of apps
  • Now click on it and “Clear Cache” and Delete Data.
  • Restart your device and keep using Snapchat app as it is.

These steps will surely help you fix the Snapchat won’t open issue and it will never take place on your screen again. If it is still not fixed, be sure to read more and try next methods.

How to Keep Snapchat from Crashing?

Now the second issue which is most common is that Snapchat app keeps on crashing when it is open and it is a very complex problem. Both iOS and Android users have faced this kind of error. So, don’t get cornered because you are not alone. You should update the current version of your Android or iOS to fix the issue of crashing of Snapchat app. To update your Android version, simply head to Settings > General > Software update. You just have to remove Snapchat app from the device and reinstall the app with a quick reboot.

Update Snapchat

It is another important step you need to take before you start to try the complex troubleshooting. Simply install the new Snapchat update. A lot of Snapchat updates take place every month to fix bugs and issues. If you are not using latest Snapchat version, there are a lot of chances to see problems in sending snaps, and app crashes.

Is Snapchat Using Too Much Data? Here’s how to fix?

If you are going to use less data using Snapchat, you may want to turn on Travel mode. It is very simple trick. But it is not clear at least how much data it saves. But it is a simple way to keep Snapchat from exceeding data limit. Launch Snapchat and tap on its logo on camera screen. Now go to Settings icon on the upper right corner. Go to Manage under Additional Services and turn Travel Mode on.


Well, this is a complete guide for you to know how to get past of Snapchat won’t open problem and open your Snapchat app again. If you have other fixes to share, please leave your feedback below.

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