Why is Spotify Premium Not Working? Here is Some Possible Fix!

Spotify is one of the top online streaming service providers that allows the user to stream audio, video and even podcast. Today, Spotify is rated as the top streaming service provider because of the quality of the services and range of music, video and podcast services provided.

However, the services provided by Spotify with certain limitations are provided free of cost. But, like I mentioned above the service provided free has limitations and if the user needs to access all the features he/she can pay a monthly subscription charge and upgrade to Spotify Premium.

The Spotify Premium services are offered to people at the rate of £9.99 per month and the same service now comes at a discounted price, however, the discount is only available for students enrolled to government-accredited universities/colleges.  Once, you have paid and subscribed to a Spotify Premium service, there are instances when the app stops working and the Spotify account holders have reported that their Spotify Premium services are not working. Below I will help troubleshoot the Spotify Premium, not working issues.

-} Check the payment status – Most of the people forget to wait and check the status of their Spotify payments, at times the credit card or the bank does not authorize the transfer of the funds to Spotify. This could be due to server issues or any other bank related issues. This can lead to interruption of Spotify services.

-} Log out and then log in – Once, the payment is done successfully, it is not necessary that the app sync every data to the device. At times the app fails to sync this data the Spotify Premium might seize to work. If the app has stopped working due to this reason, you can log out and log in to the app and the app will be forced to sync and the data will be downloaded to the app and the app will start to work.

-} Check the status of Subscription–This is the first thing you should check, most of the Spotify Premium service stops working because the monthly subscription would have expired, you can check if the subscription is active or not on the subscription page on your Spotify account.

-} Check the internet connection and speed – At times the internet speed is too low that the app fails to sync and stream the data. So, check the internet connection speed.

-} If you are a part of the Spotify Premium for family, check if you are still a member of the plan or if you have been accidentally removed from the plan somehow.

-} If you have subscribed the Spotify Premium services through some other company rather indirectly, contact the company and enquire about the issue.


The above-mentioned are the most common reasons for Spotify seizing to work. The Spotify Premium can also seize to work under other circumstances. However, the issue can be solved only if the case is properly studied.