Spotify Premium Student Discount Latest Offer for 2018

Spotify is one of the world’s top digital music service providers that enables the user to access millions of music from any part of the world. Spotify not only allows streaming of music it also provides services like podcasts and watch the video’s. Spotify can be used totally free of any charges on a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android devices, however, the services are limited. If you want to enjoy the whole range of service provided by Spotify you will have to pay and subscribe to the services.

Spotify premium comes with a subscription charge of £9.99 per month and it also comes with a subscription plan for a family at the rate of £14.99 per month. This subscription is named as “Spotify Premium for family”; this subscription allows a maximum of 6 members to access the Spotify premium services. The pack cannot be misused because the members who need to use the services should be residing at the same billing address.

With all these being told, £9.99 per month could be not affordable for some people, however, the Spotify currently, have come up with a plan that provides a discount for students. The offer is so exciting that most of the students have already signed up and the existing students are updating their accounts to this plan

The all-new offer from the Spotify provides Spotify premium services to students at a flat 50% discount, which means the students just have to pay a sum of £4.99 per month. Almost the half of what it used to be a year ago.

Here is everything you want to know about Spotify Premium student’s discount 2018

Offer available for Any student enrolled in a government accredited college/university. If the college/university is accredited and not listed, you can fill in the form provided by Spotify and acquire a sheer ID.
Duration of the discount The discount rates will be applicable for 12 months from the date of application of the offer.
Spotify Premium Students discount subscription fee £4.99/month
  • Once, on this discounted offer, the account holder is not eligible for any other offers like a free subscription, free trials etc.
  • Users on Spotify Premium Students discount is not eligible to be included in “Spotify Premium for family”pack
  • If the user is already on a Spotify Premium service, he/she can upgrade to service to Spotify Premium Students discount.
  • Students studying abroad can also avail the Spotify Premium Students discount services.


Spotify Premium Students discount is one of the best offers in the recent times for the Spotify. If you have not still subscribed to the offer, doesn’t waste time, install the app and sign up for the service.