Why Are My Text Messages Not Sending on Android? Here’s the Fix!

In general, most of the Android users come across an error message like “Message not delivered. Please Try Again Later” or “Unable to send message. It will be sent later when service becomes available.” This error message comes from your carrier. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you may have seen this type of error once in a while.

Generally, this error takes place when it comes to send SMS or MMS. Even worse, you never know what the reason behind this error is.  It is the most complex part behind this problem. In this post, we have got a few solutions covered for service and network error.

Text Messages Not Sending on Android

Steps to Fix the Error “Currently Unable to Send Text Message”

Currently, no network may be registered on your SIM. This is why you might be getting an error like “Unable to send message. It will be sent later when service becomes available” or “Message not delivered. Please try again later.” Here are the methods to resolve this error in your device.

Method 1

  • First of all, go to device Settings.
  • Now go to Mobile Network settings.
  • Once you enter the Mobile Settings section, hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until your device is turned off
  • Remove the battery when your device is turned off
  • Once phone’s batter is removed, hit the power button and home button simultaneously for 10 times.
  • Now press the home and power buttons and hold them for 1-2 minutes to drain all the static charges.
  • Now insert the battery and boot your device with SIM card
  • Don’t apply the back cover now.
  • Once your device is turned on, remove and insert the SIM for three times.
  • Now, your device will prompt you to restart the phone. But you won’t see the message again saying “Unable to send message at that moment. Will be sent later when service becomes available.”

Method 2

Corrupt IMEI may also be the major cause behind the problem. If that’s the case, restore or backup EFS folder to resolve the matter. Here are the steps to restore and backup EFS folder on your android device.

  • In this process, you first need to download an app “EFS Pro”. Make sure the phone is rooted or this tool won’t work on your device.
  • Now download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 on your system and run this EFS Pro tool on your PC. Unzip the file after downloading and install on PC.
  • Connect your Android device with your PC through USB. Run the program EPS pro and go through the guidelines on your screen to back up and restore EFS folder. This is all you need to do.

Method 3

Another reason behind this error is that your device‘s IMEI is null. You need to find out if IMEI number of your device is null or not. If it is null, follow these steps –

  • Go to the phone dialer on your device.
  • Type *#*#4636#*#*
  • Now the device will get into service mode.
  • On the Device information, click on Phone information.
  • Run a ping test here
  • Turn on or off the radio
  • It will prompt you to restart your phone

If the above methods won’t work, there must be the problem in your SIM card. You may try and insert other SIM card. If it works well, you may want to contact your network operator to replace your SIM card.