Things To Consider Before Buying an Android TV Box

There are more than hundreds of Android TV boxes available on the market today. Choosing the right device is not that easy as most of them with almost no visible differences. However, to make things easy for you, here is the list of things to consider before buying an Android TV box.

RAM and processing power

RAM and the processor specification is the most important thing to consider before and while purchasing an Android TV box. If you prefer buying a product that is worth the price you pay, check the specification and make sure the RAM is 2GB or above and processor speed is 1.5Ghz or above.

Storage option

Most of the Android TV boxes come with an 8GB internal memory. But, the manufacturers neglect to mention the fact that a major part of this memory would be consumed by the OS. So, it is always recommended that you consider purchasing an Android TV box with at least 64GB external storage support, preferably microSD card support.

Customer reviews

Once you have found out a suitable Android TV Box that meets your requirements. Whatever brand or manufacturer it comes from checking the customer reviews. It is where all the truth is; read the customer android tv box reviews and you will get an idea of how good the product is.

Display features

Most of the Android TV box comes with a 4K feature. If you prefer purchasing a best Android TV box, always consider purchasing a product with HDMI connectivity, H.265, and dynamic refresh rate.

OS version

There are different OS versions available on the market right now. Always prefer purchasing a product with the latest OS version. With this being told, it is recommended that you prefer purchasing a product with Android 6.0 and above.

Network connectivity option

An Android TV box might come with a feature that enables you to insert SIM card and use it. However, if you prefer getting yourself the best Android TV box, purchase a product with WiFi and LAN features.

Google play support

It is always recommended that you consider purchasing an Android TV box that comes with Google Play support. If you are okay with installing any third-party apps like GAPPS etc, always choose a Google Play supported product.

Conclusion –

Purchasing an Android TV box will never be so easy if you start considering the things mentioned above.