Washing Machine Features and Technology Explained

Selecting a washing machine for purchase can be hard. One looks for efficient operation and delivering clean clothes for the long term in a washing machine. Other than functions and features add on to the value of the machine as it helps in washing different cloths range, woolen, bedding, and so on very conveniently.

The majority of washing machines are equipped with a different range of wash cycles for a different range of clothes, such as delicates, cotton, wool, and synthetics. Some advanced washing machine models permit some extra options like heavy-duty, anti-crease, sports mode, and half loads. But remember these extra options also add on to the machine price. Therefore, a machine should be selected based on the clothes that need regular washing and which features to be included and which can be foregone.

Let us look at some features and technologies employed in a washing machine:

Digital display- This displays the time, cycle type, the detergent amount, and so on of your wash cycle, which is very useful to you.

Time-delay- This is a feature that delays the wash program to operate at night or when you are out. It operates when there’s a lesser energy tariff.

Detection of the load-This feature gives an automatic selection of the wash cycle according to the load placed within the washing machine. This feature enables energy and water saving. However, the cost of the washing machine is neither cheap and comes only in the premium type of washing machines.

Child lock- A safety features for infants, kids, and children. This is a lock that avoids the usage of machine controls. Some of the washing machines incorporate a door safety feature lock, which prevents the door from being closed.

Some of the washing cycle features:

Cotton and synthetics- These clothes have variant temperature settings. There are 2 cotton wash programs with hot temperatures and lower temperatures for synthetics with low speeds of spinning.

Delicates/Wool/hand wash-Wash programs with minimum spin speed and lower temperatures are employed to avoid damage of clothes.

Sports mode- This mode for eliminating sweat stains, microfiber cloths, and eliminating odors. It is a long wash program with low temperatures. Sports trainers can also be washed in some machines.

Quick wash- A quick wash cycle of lower than 30 mins and for about 2kg clothes load to be washed. This mode is for lightly soiled washes.

Half load- Energy saving and quick wash for half the load of the washing machine.

Anti-crease/ Easy iron-This mode avoids creasing of clothes by lessening the spin speed or by briefing the spin cycle.

Anti-allergy- This wash cycle utilizes higher temperatures or steam to eliminate bacteria and allergens from your clothes.

Extra rinse-To eliminate detergent, rinsing is done again in this wash cycle.

Economy mode-This minimizes temperature during the wash to save energy.

Rinse hold and variable spin are other features.

Washing clothes have been made convenient and easy with these washing machines. Be it front load or top load; a washing machine has enhanced its features and technology. Their sizes, colors, styles, and designs are variable and differ from one manufacturer to the other.