What is Cached Data in Android and How to Clear It?

Sometimes, apps can behave badly. If you are facing the same, it’s time to remove cached app data.

If you have an Android phone, you can easily access its application manager through settings. Usually it is positioned at the top level though it may vary a bit by device. Once you reach it, you are at the core of the problem. Application Manager is the place where you can see every installed app on your tablet or phone. It’s the best place to clean up the cache.

What is App Cache Data?

Applications start storing items for reference while being used. These files are actually stored in app cache. For example, when you use an online shopping app like Amazon, it will save all the information and images you have checked out so it won’t download the same things again and again when you visit the app. It saves both data and time for you.

Sometimes, you may want to clear the cached data on Android either to fix an error on your app or to regain some used space. Keep in mind that the app will need to download everything the web just like it did for the first time, after clearing the app cache. However, clearing cached data won’t clear saved game progress or logins. It is used to fix things up, such as when app downloads content from a website which always adds more content and changes a lot.

How To Clear All Cached Data Once in For All

Luckily, Google has given a new way to the users in Android 4.2 and up, to free up some storage space with few taps. You don’t have to trudge through the whole list of apps installed one after another. Now you can clear all the cached data just from storage menu.

Android clear cache

Simply go to Settings > Storage and tap on “Cached Data” section. Here, you will be asked to clear cached data. It is definitely a simple step to clear up some storage space if you really need it. Just keep in mind that running any PC at the edge of its capacity may not help much in performance. So, loading up that cleared space with even more items might not be the good idea.

What to Know Before Clearing App Cache?

Keep in mind that clearing app cache may trouble you. Along with wiping cache, you are also clearing all settings which are associated with that app. Basically you will start apps from scratch and it will work just like it did initially when you downloaded it. Basically it’s like a last resort for you.  For example, if you clear app data on Facebook, you will have to log in again. If you clear a game data, you will be back into the first stage as if you had never played it. If it is saving your progress to the cloud, there would be no problem.

Now launch the app and log in or do anything so you can start with it. Since you don’t have old data, whether cached or stored settings, you are basically running the app just like you would use it for the first time. Find out if the problem is fixed.

You may ask the developer if it fixes the weird behavior of the app. It is the best thing you can do. It might be difficult to keep an eye on the data conversion, versions and everything that is based on publishing an error-free app. They would love if any bug is found by you that can affect every user.

When to Do It?

So what’s the best time to clear the cached data on your own? You may never have to clear the cache. But sometimes, app starts to perform slow or start crashing. This is where you need to do it. There are situations when an app actually goes haywire or if you really need to start from scratch, you can simply go to settings and clear its cached data and start from the very beginning. Simply tap “Clear Data”. It will prompt by asking “Do you really want to clear cached data?” Confirm the message and it will reset the app.