What sets Noise Shots X5 Pro wireless earbuds apart: A hands on Review

Noise is not a new name in the Indian audiophile market. It is known for coming up with fresh, quality products in the audio and smart wearable segments. And this time, they have come up with Shots X5 Pro truly wireless earbuds, the successor of Shots X5 Charge.



Noise knows what works for them and they didn’t experiment much in terms of the design of X5 Pro. It picked up from its flagship model X5 Charge and worked on it. The X5 Pro case has the same smooth matte textured finish that’s a delight to hold and use; and is available in one colour option – Charcoal grey. In terms of design, the new X5 Pro case has done away with the grey border on the cover and kept the design even more minimal and introduced its new logo Noise brand with this model which frankly, does a lot for the company’s image. It has also added the brand-new Noise logo on the earbuds which gives it a distinguished look.

The earbuds remain wireless and the most defining differentiation is the touch controls on the earbuds as compared to the buttons on the previous model. The functioning remains the same, making it easier for the user to manage their calls, music or the volume with just without jabbing the earbuds deep inside the ears.

As it goes for the best wireless earbuds, X5 Pro buds are designed ergonomically with the addition of a loop that provides the much-required comfortable and secure fit to the user. The earbuds also feature LEDs that make for convenient indicators for whether they are working or charging. And to make matters better, the case comes with an updated Type-C charging point which makes it easier to charge.



Let’s talk business – the sound of the earbuds. Since Shots X5 Pro is an upgrade, it is loaded with Qualcomm aptX chipset which works on two folds sound quality and optimum utilization of battery (which we’ll come to in the latter part). The earbuds come with graphene driver along with aptX ™ chipset and AAC codec support that delivers consistent, high-quality audio over a long duration.

We tried it for some bass-heavy music, and honestly, it does deliver but that may be to its secure fit design that locks the sound in and doesn’t let anything come out. It does pretty well on the vocals too, leaving very little to desire.

The earbuds are powered by Qualcomm which means stable Bluetooth connection with very truly wireless connection and better battery which brings us to the performance time, i.e., playtime. The X5 Pro nearly doubles the playtime than X5 CHARGE – an 8-hour of battery on a single charge while the case boasts a total of 150 hours of playtime which means at least 18 times the charge which is unheard of in the price segment that’s Noise offering.


Another thing that’s really going for the earbuds is the charging case that can also function as an emergency power-bank. Now we’ve tested it for a couple of hours and truth be told it’s not a bad deal as it did charge up the smartphone enough, to catch a show on Netflix and scroll through Instagram. The earbuds come has an IPX7 waterproof rating which makes it resistant to a bit of rain and a whole lot of sweat but don’t take it for a swim or even to the sauna.

However, one thing that’s missing is the noise cancellation feature but it kind of makes of for it with passive noise reduction due to its design.


There is no doubt that X5 Pro is a definite upgrade to its predecessor by its feature set alone. The touch control ia particular improvement and so is the increased playtime but what’s missing is the active noise-cancellation feature, had Noise provided that then one certainly wouldn’t have anything to complain about. But the sound quality is good enough for the price that’s Noise quoting and makes up for being in our recommendation list.

The earbud will be available in all the leading online market places and a few retail stores post the lockdown.