What To Look Before Buying a Mug Warmer?

Below mentioned are a few points to help you buy the right mug warmer –

➢    Size – You will need to choose a size as per the amount of beverage that you consume. For a single cup, the standard size is ideal, however for more amount, the large size of mug warmer is preferred.

    Type of Drink – You should make sure that the mug warmer can heat, the type of drink that you consume. Not all mug warmers are meant for every hot drink.

➢    Price – There are a variety of brands available in the market. Hence it is ideal to choose the right mug warmer brand with affordable pricing, offering all the required features.

➢    Additional Features – Going through the reviews for a particular brand helps in establishing if the additional features promised by a brand are getting delivered or not.

➢    Detachable Cord – Most mug warmers come with a detachable cord or inbuilt switch. If your desk is at a place with no proper power source, choosing a mug warmer with an ideal switch is a better option.

➢    The base of the mug that you use – This is important because the time taken by a mug warmer to heat your drink depends on the thickness of the ceramic base of your cup. So choosing a mug warmer that heats faster, although the thickness is preferred

    Heat generated – By this term we mean to the extent to which the mug warmer gets heated post brewing the coffee. You would not want a mug warmer that overheats and makes it difficult for you to hold the device

➢    Length of the cord – It is ideal to choose a longer length of the cord that makes it easier to reach the power source whenever needed.

➢    Auto shut off feature – Since mug warmers, auto shut-off every two hours of not using, choose one that comes with any form of warning while shutting off, so you don’t have to reactivate the device every couple of hours.

    Shape and Colour – Mud Warmers come in pretty much standard shapes. However, you should choose one as per your taste even when it comes to the color. It should be something that matches your aesthetics.

➢    Length of the handle – The length of the handle determines how much heat you are going to experience while pouring back the coffee. Hence a wider size helps in comfortably handling the same.