Why My WhatsApp Not Working on Mobile Data but work on Wi-Fi? How to Fix!

Can’t connect to WhatsApp? Is WhatsApp down? Is the problem in your device? Is your WhatsApp working on Wi-Fi only? Here’s how to find out if it is not working well and some fixes to try.

WhatsApp can go down at any time of night or day unexpectedly. If WhatsApp seems to be working well, the problem may seem local to you. Here are some of the suggested fixes for your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Not Working

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp gets new updates from time to time. Sometimes WhatsApp won’t work unless you have a latest version. It happens especially when you side load the app on other Android device or tablet. Check for app updates by visiting Google Play. Simply tap three lines at the left side and choose My App, and check the Installed tab for the updates available.

Open App Store in iPhone and tap Updates icon on the bottom right of screen. Make sure you are running the latest iOS version.

Uninstall and Reinstall App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the fresh copy of WhatsApp is the final resort. You will want to backup your conversations before you are doing so. You may backup your conversations on a free Google Drive app.

Simply download it, sign in with Google account, and go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and press Backup button in WhatsApp. Once you reinstall WhatsApp, it will look for a backed up copy of conversations on Google Drive automatically. Allow it to restore backup once it is found.

Troubleshoot Your Web Connectivity

WhatsApp needs active internet connection to use its online service. To check whether it’s working or not, simply open the mobile browser, browse to a new page or refresh another online service like Twitter or Facebook.

If your internet connection is fine, go to the next step. If you are not online at all, you may try different things.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, simply toggle the connection on and off or turn the Flight mode on and off. Otherwise, you may restart the phone. Make sure the device is not dropping the network when it sleeps. In your device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap on Advanced in Options menu. Make sure to set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” as Always.

If you are confident that your broadband is working well, you may also restart your Wi-Fi router. If you have mobile data, make sure that the connection is not turned off in Settings and you have proper signal. You also have to ensure that the background data usage is not restricted for WhatsApp by going to Data Usage menu and APN settings are configured well. If WhatsApp is used over Wi-Fi but not mobile data, there are chances that APN settings are not set to allow other traffic. You need to check with mobile operator. Make sure you haven’t exceeded your daily data limit.

What if the Problem is in Data Network?

If your WhatsApp not working on mobile data network but working on Wi-Fi network, or other apps can work on data network excluding WhatsApp, it’s time to contact with the network operator and be sure you have set up Access Point Names (APN) correctly.

It could be your network which has set up your access points to block specific chat apps. Or you may not have APN on APN settings. All you need to contact Customer Care of your network operator. They will help you and suggest the right settings. Restarting the phone and turning Airplane Mode on and off could also fix the solution. You should also keep your WhatsApp up to date.

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