Why Can’t I Open PDF Files? Here’s The Possible Fix!

So you have just installed Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your Windows and you are unable to open PDF files? Did you just upgrades from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 and having trouble opening PDF files? You are at the right place. There are many reasons why your PDF files are not opening, such as

  • PDF file is damaged
  • Acrobat or Reader is outdated
  • Damaged Acrobat or Reader
  • PDF file is suspicious
  • PDF was created with third-party program

Here, we are going to discuss the possible fixes to open the PDF files again.

Windows 10 Not Supporting Adobe Reader

Why Can't I Open PDF Files

It is the most common PDF problem in Windows 10. Most users who have this issue are the ones who’ve upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or later. When opening a PDF file, the system neither shows any error nor does the file is opened. It shows just a busy icon for a while. The problem arises in settings. If you have the same issue, simply follow these steps –

  • Type Adobe in search box.
  • Click Edit button on the top corner on the left side
  • Scroll the Edit menu and click on “Preferences”
  • It will open a new window with different categories. Simply choose ‘Security Enhances” and click on it.
  • Disable the “Protect Mode at Startup” under the Sandbox protection. Uncheck the box.

Many people have fixed this problem with the above steps. If it is still not fixed, read on to find out what might be the issue and the solution to fix it.

Adobe Acrobat or Reader is Outdated

If you have outdated Adobe Reader, it might not be able to open PDF files. Adobe issues security patches and updates for Reader and Acrobat from time to time. The latest patch mostly resolves the bugs in your system. Simply go through the following steps to find out whether you are running most recent version –

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat or Reader
  • By clicking “Help” button, choose “Check for Updates” in drop-down
  • It will show up the Update dialog box, click “Download” to update automatically if you have latest version
  • Restart the system and see if it is resolved.

PDF is Damaged

Well, this problem is not so common. But there are chances that PDF was not created properly by the program which was used. Sometimes, PDF also has corrupt data. In addition, there are chances that PDF file may not have transferred properly or uploaded to the website while transferring file to the USB or downloading from a website. Simply try opening another file. If it opens, the specific PDF file is damaged. So, you need to ask your friend or anyone to resend the file or send it in another format.

PDF Not Created using Adobe Product

Sometimes you may want to open multiple PDF files on Windows 10 and they cannot open as they were created using non-Adobe products. Earlier Adobe Reader or Acrobat versions also are not strict as latest versions in PDF standard compliance. If PDF file is created using third-party products, they don’t comply with PDF specification and standards. So, they won’t open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

If you are using the latest Adobe reader, it might not open a PDF file of your choice that was opened in the older version. To fix this, be sure to revert to the later version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat to open the file if you trust the origin and creator of the file. You will need to first remove the recent Adobe Reader version to revert to the older version.