Why Is My Gmail Not Working On My Android? How to Fix?

Sometimes, Google makes changes on their servers due to which Gmail app on some devices cause problems. In this guide, we have discussed few of the common reasons why Gmail stops syncing and how to keep you from going email-less.

If your Gmail app is not working on your device, you are not alone. Many Android users have reported the same problems when loading Gmail app on their devices.

Good news for you is that there are different ways to fix when you have such types of issues on Android. There  are different common signs that Gmail may not work on your device. If you are unable to open, send, or read your email, it’s a sign that you will have to fix it.

Gmail Not Working On My Android

Some other common problems in Gmail in Android are if Gmail is stuck while sending messages and you get an error like “Account not synced”, if you are not getting notifications or if Gmail is slow.

How to Fix Gmail App not working on Your Android?

Be sure to check if your problem is fixed after trying all of these methods. This way, you can find out what was the main cause of the initial problem if you encounter the same problem again.

Step One – Be Sure to Keep the Gmail App Up-to-Date

If you are having the problem to send or receive email, there are chances that it could be the bug in the outdated version of Gmail app you are running. Simply download the latest update on Gmail.

Step Two – Restart Your Android

Simply restart your tablet or phone which will fix different bugs in your app. As a general rule, simply try this simple fix before you get too deep to find out an answer.

Step Three – Check Your Android Settings

First of all, make sure you are online. Turn airplane mode off.  Go to Gmail sync settings and check your tablet or phone settings.

Step Four – Clear Device Storage Space

If you are having problem in syncing your emails for a long time, it could be due to the fact that your device storage is full.

Here are the steps to get more space if your tablet or phone is running off space –

  • Remove apps that you no longer use.
  • Remove files created by you and you no longer need, downloaded files, or move those to your hard drive.
  • Remove Google Play Movies, Books, Music, and streaming apps you have installed.

Step Five – Clear Gmail Information

Keep in mind that there is a risk that you might clear your Gmail signature, drafts, ringtone, and various settings with the following steps. So, be sure to try these steps only as a last resort.

  • Simply go to device settings.
  • Go to Apps > Gmail and tap Clear Data > Ok.
  • Restart your phone.

Step Six – Make Sure Your Gmail Password is Correct

Open Gmail on your computer. If you are unable to sign in or getting any error message like “Invalid Credentials,” “User and Password Not Accepted”, etc. you will need to enter your user and password again and again. To fix this, here’s what to do.

  • Be sure to enter correct username and password
  • In case of 2-step verification, you might want to sign in with app password rather than regular one.

Did you fix the Android Gmail error with any of these steps? Do you think we have missed any important step to fix Gmail sync error on Android? Do let us know in the comment section. If this fix hack works, we will definitely add it to our article.