Why is My iPhone Does Not Ring? Know How to Fix

Suppose an important call might come today. You have turned ringer on and double checked your iPhone and also kept the ringer volume full. You are ready to hear your phone when it rings. Suddenly, you realize that you have missed the call you have been waiting for since morning, when you glance at it. Before throwing it out, be sure to read this article first. I hope it will save your valuable device. I will explain why it won’t ring and exactly how you are going to fix it.

You May Know This Trick Very Well, But Still Check…

If you are still here reading this post, you may already know that the silent/ring switch on the side need to be set to ring in your iPhone. In case the switch is pulled to the screen, it means ringer is on.

If it is pushed to the back of the device, your device is turned on silent mode and you will notice a small stripe positioned next to the switch. You will also notice a speaker icon on the display while you flip that button. If it is still not making any sound at all, you may need to fix the speaker problem. If speaker is fine, keep reading.

Turn Off “Do Not Disturb”

There are chances that you may have turned “Do Not Disturb” feature on in Settings by mistake. This is the reason why your iPhone is not ringing most of the time. This feature silences alerts, calls, and notifications on your device.

How to Check Whether “Do Not Disturb” is Turned On?

The easiest way here is to see in the upper right corner of your device, exactly at the left of battery icon. If it is enabled, it will show a small moon icon. If you want to dive deeper in this mode and schedule it to turn on and off automatically, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and find out what options are available.


How to Disable “Do Not Disturb”?

Since the launch of iOS 7, it is very simple to turn on and off Do Not Disturb. Simply swipe up to open Control Center and turn Do Not Disturb on and off by tapping moon icon.

What if my iPhone Still Not Ringing?

I have received a few complaints from the users who have used all the above tips and their iPhone is still not ringing. If you have tried all the above tips and it is still not ringing, there are chances that you are facing hardware problem.

Sometimes, liquid or gunk enters into one of its ports like dock/lightning connector or headphone jack, your iPhone senses something plugged in it, when actually you haven’t connected anything. This way, you need to fix it if it is stuck in headphone mode.

You may simply take a soft antistatic brush or toothbrush that has not been used before and try to remove all the dust from your dock connector/lightning port or headphone jack. Antistatic brushes can clean up all kinds of electronics.

Once done, this issue will be fixed itself. Sadly, the damage has already done most of the time. Sometimes, there is a problem on the inner part of your iPhone. Here, you need to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store or email at getsupport.apple.com to get your device repaired.

Keep in mind that repairs from Apple Store can be costly. You may also use third-party repair agencies which are less expensive. They will send a technician who is certified to meet and fix all your iPhone problems.

Wrapping Up

Do Not Disturb is literally one of the best features in iPhone if you know about using it properly to your advantage. But it can be very annoying if you don’t know it. To every iPhone user who has missed their important calls and yelled “Why the hell it won’t ring?” at their innocent companion, I hope this post would help them and fix the common issue of silent iPhone. If you have further queries or any complaint to share and looking to fix the problem, do share with us in the comments section. We will be looking forward to solve your issues.